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The history of SKKU’s dormitories is in line with the history of Korean higher education. When Sungkyunkwan was originally established as a royal Confucian academy in 1398 at Sunggyo-bang(currently Myeongnyun-dong), its dormitories, named “Dongjae” and “Seojae”, were constructed. Although it was over 600 years ago, it was a prototype for the “residential colleges” of today. Everyone who entered Sungkyunkwan studied while living in the dorms, and Dongjae and Seojae together acted as a cradle that helped to generate the nation’s most talented and influential leaders.


SKKU’s dormitories have been rated as some of the best in Korea. It is currently organized into two main categories of haksa. The Humanities & Social Sciences Campus in Seoul has “Myeongryun Haksa” and the Natural Sciences Campus has “Bongnyong Haksa”. Altogether, SKKU’s dorms are comprised of 18 buildings with a capacity of as many as 5,000 residents.


Our dormitory has been given the important responsibility to act as “havens for the world’s top talents”. Since SKKU became a prestigious internationally recognized university when it was ranked the 89nd best university in the world by Times Higher Education (THE) in 2019, we have been tasked with fostering students’ development into dynamic global leaders. With this in mind, we will support students throughout their stay in our dormitories in the following ways.


First, we will make SKKUs dormitories safe, both physically and psychologically.

The importance of safety cannot be overemphasized. We will ensure your safety through thorough pre-inspection and management of our facilities. We will also develop and implement a variety of programs specifically designed to provide students with physically and psychologically stable conditions to live and study in.


Second, we will create a dormitory culture that enables students to learn the values of community life.

The ability to acknowledge and communicate directly with others is essential for success and happiness. In recent years, due to technology’s impact on society, this important virtue has been become slightly harder to develop.  SKKU’s dormitories will help you refine the way you interact with different people as well as improve your understanding of their unique international backgrounds through communal living.


Third, we will facilitate your planning for the future.

We will support student participation in various programs so that the dormitories are not just places that students live and study in, but also spaces where they can plan their future lives and enjoy themselves.  We will provide opportunities for students to discover potential new interests and enrich their current ones through hobby classes, sports activities, webtoon creation, UCC production, and volunteer programs.


On behalf of Sungkyunkwan University’s dormitory staff, I promise to make every effort to ensure your time with us is safe, comfortable, and pleasant.


I sincerely wish your great success!


Best regards,



KIM, Han Gi

Director of SKKU Dormitory