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How to apply

How to apply

Application & Payment

How to Apply for Admission

  • All procedures of application are carried out on GLS, not on the dormitory website.
  • Application can only be made during the pre-announced period. 
  • Freshmen can apply only when they have been registered as members of King-go Portal on the school's website after paying tuition (deposit).



How to Check the Results and Invoices


  • Check admission result
    • The results of the admission are announced on GLS (individual confirmation).
    • When the results are announced, the status changes from GLS - 'Dormitory Information Inquiry' to "Access (Assignment)" or "Failure"
  • Registration (payment)
    • The total payment(dormitory+meal(optional)+deposit) must be credited to the account specified on the individual bank account(account transfer).
    • The account number is the individual virtual account number set by each student and you can pay the fee by other person's account.
    • It has to be exact amount of money to send through the virtual account.
    • Failure to pay by the deadline will result in automatic cancellation of your admission.
    •  You cannot pay by credit card or cash.