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How to apply

How to apply

Eligibility & Schedule

Eligibility to apply for Admission

  • Freshmen/ undergraduate/ graduate school students, registered(be scheduled) student
    • Leave of absence / completion / graduation and other students will not get admission
    • However, during the vacation period, students on a gap year can apply for the dormitory


Not qualified applier (Applying for admission is possible, but not accepted)

  • Those who have been restricted from living in the dorm due to penalty points during their dormitory life
  • Those with an GPA less than 1.75 (college warning) in the previous regular semester
    •  However, there is no grade standard for the vacation period


Required documents

  • All residents MUST Submit the results of Tuberculosis Test (notation of abnormalities or completion on recovery) conducted within 2 months on the day of check in date. (If you already submitted it as a previous dormitory resident, the result paper is vaild for 6 months from your TB examination date. Therefore, If it is expired, you should get re-checkup and then submit the new one.)


2023 Schedule

2019학년도 일정
Semester Spring Summer Fall Winter
Application End of Jan. Early of May. Middle of Jul. End of Nov.
Payment Early of Feb. Middle of May. Early/middle of Aug. Early of Dec.
Check-in 25. Feb. ~ 10. Jun. 19. Aug. ~ 9. Dec.
Check-out 10.Jun. 19. Aug 9. Dec.

24. Feb.

  •  Schedules can be changed according to the school schedules, etc.
  •  You can check each dormitory's information on the dormitory website.
  •  Please refer to dormitory admission guide which will be uploaded in the notice of dormitory website to check more detail before application date