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Dormitory Regulation

Article 1 Name and Purpose
① This rule is called SKKU dormitory residents' rules for living following clause 5 of SKKU dormitory rules.
② This rule is for stipulating the articles that the dormitory residents should follow for a safe and clean, and orderly community life.


Article 2 Living principles
① The resident should cooperate in making the dormitory a safe, pleasant, and orderly community. Especially, the actions that cause harm to other people like having a drink and doing drugs and smoking and gambling and, using violence is not allowed.
② The resident cannot change the room arbitrarily. It is not allowed to enter the dormitory and stay with a non-resident without permission.
③ The resident should follow the instruction of the dormitory director and staff and the housing assistant for maintenance of order and safety in common life.


Article 3 Use of public property
① The resident should protect and save the public property and facility. If it is damaged by the fault or on purpose, he or she should pay the repair cost. 
② The resident should not take and open other student's package(parcels).
③ It is not allowed to act that causes the risk of fire. Do not use and keep the electronics and electric heating appliance which are not allowed. 


Article 4 Health and hygiene
① In communal living, the residents should follow the school regulations for disease prevention. Students must submit the tuberculosis test result before entering the dormitory.
② If the resident developed the infectious disease, inform to the housing office and must take immediate action to get treatment. 
③ The resident can't bring the animal and raise it.


Article 5 Entry and sleep-over
① The resident can't enter the dormitory from 01:00a.m to 05:00a.m. However, the graduate students are the exception. (It can be changed according to the situation of each campus.)
② The residents should let the housing office know when they will stay out over 5 days. It is for checking the resident's safety. 


Article 6 Room Inspection
① The resident should faithfully comply with the room inspection for the condition of cleanliness, equipment damage, and so on for orderly community life.
② Room inspection is consists of twice routine inspections, which are after check in and before check out, and the case that the dormitory manager acknowledges that room inspection is necessary. Before having a room inspection, the housing office notices it on the bulletin boards and dormitory website.
③  The room inspection makes it a rule to do it when the residents are in the room for safety management and maintenance of order. However, there is an exception to the room inspection without the residents as follows. The result will be announced after the room inspection.
1. When the security problem, safety accident, fire, and urgent equipment inspection which requires emergency measure occur.
2. When the case of receiving the consent of room inspection during the resident's absence.
3. When the resident is absent in the dormitory room despite the second visit during the room inspection period which was noticed before. (At the second visit, do room inspection.)
4. When the residents who are in the room do not respond without reason. 


Article 7 Penalty and Reward Points 
  • ① The penalty points will be given to the resident who violates the dormitory rules following the relative seriousness of the regulatory violation. When the case brings communal responsibility, all of the relevant residents can get the penalty points.
  • ② The residents who have more than 10 penalty points will be expelled. When the penalty points are more than 15 points, the resident can't apply to the dorm for 1 year. When the penalty points are more than 20 points, the resident is to be dismissed from the dormitory, not eligible to apply permanently.

    ③ The resident who is selected as a dormmate will be imposed double penalty points when violates dormitory rules.
  • ④ There are reward points following the dormitory rules.
Additional clause

These revised rules have taken effect from the 2nd semester in 2020