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How to apply

How to apply

Application for Vacancy

Additional Application for Vacancy: Waiting Number System

  • Students who want admission during semester can apply for a waiting. They are given a waiting number in the order of application. The vacancies caused by dormitory renounce, overdue payment, leave and etc. When vacancies occur in the dormitory, registration and admission procedures are carried out by contacting whether they intend to admit in the order of the waiting numbers.



  • Notice of the order of vacancies and waiting numbers can be checked through the notice on each website. When in order, the dormitory office will contact you individually by phone number of the application.
  • In case of a vacancy admission, dormitory expenses, meals, and deposit are calculated from the check-in date to the date of regular check-out.


Mid-session check-out

  • You can check out during semester due to personal circumstances. You should contact or visit the dormitory office for completing papers and confirming a refund.
  • You should clean the room before checking out. You should bring your keys and entry cards to the security office if you had them. If you want check out on the weekends, you should inform us on the weekdays before the day of checking out.
  • The refund will be deducted in accordance with the refund policy.