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인관 실내도면

인관 호실

인관 호실
정원 4인
룸구성 책상(4), 의자(4), 2층침대(2), 2인용옷장(2), 휴지통(4), 빗자루&쓰레받이(1), 빨래건조대 소형(2)

Room facilities(In-kwan)

Room facilities(In-gwan)
Capacity of a room 4 persons
Object of Utilization men / undergraduate students
How many rooms 1-4F / 106 rooms
Room Facilities 4 desks, 4 chairs, 2 double-deck beds, 2 wardrobes, 4 rubbish bins, brush and shovel, a wired/wifi internet router
Students are responsible for supplying their own Bedding(bed sheet, blanket, pillow), clothing, towel and toiletries, hair drier, desk light(lamp), PC, LAN wire, laundry basket and detergent, personal hygiene products


Public Facilities Toilet, shower booth, sink, 2 washers, Lounge : TV, Water purifier, iron, Laundry drying machine(paid)