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봉룡학사(영문) | FAQ 게시판
Q Implementation of the Voluntary Sleep Out Reporting System
Q Shin-kwan furnishings
Q Ji-kwan furnishings
Q In; Ui; Ye-kwan furnishings
Q Can non-residents or outsiders go into the dormitory?
Q What should I be aware of when using the dryer?
Q What should I do if I fall sick suddenly at night?
Q How can I send or receive a fax?
Q How can I receive parcels?
Q If personal possessions are lost, can I check the CCTV recordings?
Q How can I make suggestions for the dormitory?
Q What should I do if I do not know my roommate's contact details but must contact them?
Q I have a problem with my roommate. What should I do?
Q Can I enter or exit the dormitory at any time?
Q How can I receive registered post?
Q How can I register my bicycle?
Q What kind of electrical appliances are allowed?
Q If I lose my key or access card, how can I apply for a new one?
Q What should I do in the event of an emergency?
Q Can Korean students use the self-catering kitchens?
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