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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] GYM Registration on GLS (for 2023)
번호 : 등록일 : 2023-02-09 조회수 : 7711


-- Students of Sungkyunkwan University who have completed payment within the payment deadline after completing the application

(Membership is not allowed if GLS does not have access to the Dormitory-Fitness Center menu, including graduates, researchers etc.)
 ■Gym fee
- Dormitory (In/Ui/Ye/Ji/Shin) Student (Only for graduate and undergraduate students): 20,000 won
- Non-residence students (Only for graduate and undergraduate students): 30,000 won

 ■Application Schedule

 First come, first served: Maximum 600 persons

If you don't pay this period, your application will be canceled.

Month Application Payment


2/20(mon) 11:00 ~ 2/26(sun) 23:00

2/27(mon) 11:00 ~ 2/28(tue) 23:00


3/20(mon) 11:00 ~ 3/26(sun) 23:00

3/27(mon) 11:00 ~ 3/28(tue) 23:00


4/17(mon) 11:00 ~ 4/23(sun) 23:00

4/24(mon) 11:00 ~ 4/25(tue) 23:00


5/22(mon) 11:00 ~ 5/28(sun) 23:00

5/29(mon) 11:00 ~ 5/30(tue) 23:00


6/19(mon) 11:00 ~ 6/25(sun) 23:00

6/26(mon) 11:00 ~ 6/27(tue) 23:00


7/17(mon) 11:00 ~ 7/23(sun) 23:00

7/24(mon) 11:00 ~ 7/25(tue) 23:00


8/21(mon) 11:00 ~ 8/27(sun) 23:00

8/28(mon) 11:00 ~ 8/29(tue) 23:00


9/18(mon) 11:00 ~ 9/24(sun) 23:00 

9/25(mon) 11:00 ~ 9/26(tue) 23:00


10/23(mon) 11:00 ~10/29(sun) 23:00

10/30(mon) 11:00 ~ 10/31(tue) 23:00


11/20(mon) 11:00 ~ 11/26(sun) 23:00

11/27(mon) 11:00 ~ 11/28(tue) 23:00



12/18(mon) 11:00 ~ 12/24(sun) 23:00

12/25(mon) 11:00 ~ 12/26(tue) 23:00


1/22(mon) 11:00 ~ 1/28(sun) 23:00

1/29(mon) 11:00 ~ 1/30(tue) 23:00

Every month 1st ~ last day■ Using period

We register your application information in your student ID card.

So,it is not allowed to enter without student ID card or KINGO mobile ID card.


If you have no student ID card, please reissue the stuent ID card at Student Union building.

(you can pass through tell the receptionist of gym your student ID number.)


■ How to apply

Kingo Potal Log-in > GLS > Application/Graudation requirements Management > Dormitory > Gym(Shin-kwan) registration

1) Click, [ADD] button

2) Check information in the apply tab

3) Click, [Rules and Precautions for Use] tab

4) Read the rules and Check (V) the agreement.

5) Click the [SAVE] button


If you want to cancel about your application, Select the list and click [DEL] button.

But cancel is possible only during the application period.


■How to check invoice and pay

Payment period is generally next day from application date.

But if you don't pay during payment period, the account will be closed automately.


During the payment period, you can check your invoice about application on GLS (same application menu).


Method 1) you can see the list about your application. There are Account information / Cost / payment period, and so on.

Method 2) Click the [Print Invoice] button. And then you can see the invoice and print it.

The minute you pay, you can check the payment result on the bottom of same menu. There are Amount Paid/ Payment Date. So you don't need to submit the reception paper at dormiotry office any more.



< Rules and Precautions for Use >

1. Hours of Operation:

- Mon~Sat 08:00 - 22:00 / Sun&hollidays closed

Hours of operation can be changed depending on decision of facility manager. Request of refund because of operation hour is not acceptable.

2. Period of membership is for a month - from 1st to last day of each month. It is regardless of application date. Membership application of period longer than a month is not available.

3. Members should follow instruction of staff. Not following the instruction can suspend membership. Disturbing activity of other person may also suspend membership. There is no refund for cases mentioned above.

4. Members should prepare INDOOR athletic shoes, wear and personal towel(s) and water bottle.

5. Student ID card should be deposited when using gym. It is not allowed to enter without student ID card


*When the recruitment is rescheduled due to the unavoidable problem, we will notify you of any change so you can refer to it.

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