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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] (In/Ui/Ye-kwan) Access system change and usage guide
번호 : 등록일 : 2022-07-27 조회수 : 8540
[Access system change and usage guide]
We would like to inform you that the access system of the dormitory In/Ui/Ye-kwan has been changed to 
[Access Card + Room Key] → [Fingerprint + Room Digital Door Lock].
Upon check-in, please follow the staff's instructions and be aware of the following.
1. Access system change
1) Purpose: To improve inconvenience (loss, damage, etc.) in the entry and exit system
2) Before: Access card, Room key
3) After: Fingerprint, Room Digital Door Lock
4) Target: In/Ui/Ye-kwan (*Ji-kwan/Shin-kwan will be introduced sequentially)
5) When to use: 2022. Fall semester~
2. How to use the access system
1) Fingerprint registration:
    When you check in, register your fingerprint according to the instructions of  the security staff at each dorm.
2) Room Digital Door Lock:
① The first password is "1234"
② Password change (*Refer to the description below or the bulletin board for each floor) 
③ When you check out, change back to password "1234", which is the first setting.
3) Note:
- If your fingerprint registration fails repeatedly, you can use access card.(First issue free, Payment for reissuance)
- If there is a problem with access due to the registered fingerprint, please re-register at each security office.
- After check-out, the registered fingerprint will be deleted. 
- If you check-in halfway after check-out, you have to re- register a fingerprint.
<Room Digital Door Lock>
Please set the password after discussing with your roommate. (※Except if the roommate has not checked in)
- We can open the door if you cannot share the changed password with your roommate (Including students          checking in midway) and it becomes difficult for your roommate to enter the room because you are absent.
  (※Our staff will open the room door with the master card and change it back to the initial password "1234".)
- The newly set password should be entered correctly in the “Check-in list(GLS) - Entry Card No."
  (※If you are confused with the password later, you can check it through the check-in list you submitted.)
- When you check out, you have to change back to the password "1234" set for the first time.
  (*Including moving the room)
- Every regular semester (vacation), before the regular check-in date, all room passwords are inevitably reset to    "1234" for new residents.
- The password for each semester will be set to "1234" for the first time.
- If you want to set the door lock to silent, write it in the "Check-in List(GLS)-Door&window" field.
  (*After the Check-in List deadline, write on the dormitory website-Quick Menu-Repair Application)
- If the battery replacement indicator is displayed or there is a problem with the machine,
  please visit the security office.
- If you have forgotten your password or if the door cannot open due to a machine error,
  please visit the security office.

* Inquires:

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