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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[일반] Opening the reading room & Curfew suspension (2022-1 Final)
번호 : 등록일 : 2022-05-11 조회수 : 463

For students' convenience during the exam period, Bongryonghaksa would like to provide the following:

The curfew will be temporarily suspended, and the reading rooms will be open as shown below.


1.Opening Reading Rooms

(1) Object of Utilization and Opening Hours per Reading Rooms

Where Opening period Opening hours Object of Usage
Ji-kwan Seminar room May/23(Mon) 09:00
~ Jun/03(Fri) noon
24hr OPEN Ji-kwan resident
Shin-kwan Cafeteria May/23(Mon) 20:00
~ Jun/03(Fri) 07:00
20:00~Next day 07:00  Shin/In- kwan resident

* 07:40-08:00 Cleaning time


(2) Usage and precautions

① Drinks and food are forbidden, except for water, or a cup/flask with a lid.

(Other items will be confiscated immediately.)

② Only students permitted by notification will be allowed to enter. (Non-residents and residents of other buildings cannot enter)

③ Shin-kwan A, In-kwan residents can only enter through the gate of Shin-kwan A Lobby, and they cannot go to other floors. Shin-kwan B residents can enter through the gate Shin-kwan B's Restuarant exit. 

④ Don't leave any belongings to hold your place for more than an hour. To prevent place-holding, dormitory assistants and residents' union representatives will visit twice a day, they will clear away personal belongings, and these will be put in a separate part of the room.(Not responsible for loss)

⑤ Normal reading areas and 'notebook zones' will be separated, so please do not use a keyboard or mouse in the reading area.

⑥ Including the desks, communal fittings must not be moved, reorganised, graffitied or otherwise damaged.

⑦ Even in the reading room, the dormitory life rules apply, so be careful not to do anything which violate the rules.

⑧ Be careful not to lose personal belongings.



2. Curfew suspension

(1) Period: May/23(Mon) 01:00 - Jun/04(Sat) 05:00

(2) The main doors in each building are open during curfew hours, and other access points will operate as normal.

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