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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] 2019 Dormitory life contents contest
번호 : 1952 등록일 : 2019-10-31 조회수 : 1096

2019 Dormitory life contents contest

We invite dormitory students a contest to share their diverse culture and for their joyful life. Based on your experience, please share your know-how in common life or interesting episodes that occurred during your dorm life.

■ Eligibility

- Students who lived in a dormitory for more than one semester or who are living in now
- Those who do not have a disqualification for living in the dormitory
- Participation as an individual or a team of 2 people 
(* If you participate as a two-person team, there will be additional points)

■ Subject (choose one of 3)

① Masters of dormitory life

 -Share not only the concept of accommodation, but also your own skill or knowledge of dormitory life which includes a variety of experiences, pleasant community life, and useful information for daily life
-Make contents with free themes and contents about your dormitory knowledge or skill 

②  Dalladalla (different) ♬ ♪

-Popular Korean song in 2019, ‘Dalladalla’ by ITZY
-Dormitory story that includes the unique characteristics of Sungkyunkwan University dormitory, which is different from other universities (ex: dormitory life contents contest, cultural excursion, dormitory cafeteria, etc.)
-Make various types of contents such as song openings or music videos

③ Welcome! Is it your first time with ooo in Korea?

 -Make contents that can recommend and introduce Korea, including Korean traditional culture, places,
and tips for living in Korea so that international students can adapt to Korean culture and school life.
-Make contents that contain actual international students' experience in Korea

■ Categories (choose one of 3)

Webtoon / Cartoons

* A total of more than 50 cuts: (only the total number of cuts is limited and the format is free,
example: 5 volumes with 10 cuts each or 1 volume with 50 cuts)
* (Horizontal) 640pixel or higher, (resolution) 300DPI or higher
* No limit to the production method (hand / digital drawing available)

UCC (Short-Video)

* 3 minute works of free-style video format such as movie, documentary, animation, flash, parody,
   music video

* mp4 format, capacity less than 200MB

* Free and unique style contents except for UCC and webtoons
* No limitation on production method and type

■ Schedule

Application:  November 1st, Friday - November 18th, Monday 11 pm Closed

* The application period can be extended according to the status of the application

- Result Announcement: scheduled for Friday, November 29, 2019
  (website notification and contact to individuals)

- Awards ceremony: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 (venue will be announced later)

* Results announcement and award ceremony may be changed according to the application schedule


■ How to apply

Application form: Download the application form from the announcement category of dormitory
  website and send it to dorm mail below

Myeongryun(Seoul)-> / Bongryong(Suwon)->

Upload your work: Upload and Register your work on the dormitory website 'menu' ->
 ' community'->'contents contest' (check in secret mode 비공개 여부)->등록(Registeration)

- The applicant (student) is not allowed to modify or delete (You need to ask us to delete or modify).


■ Award Details

- A total of 7 pieces of UCC , Webtoon, and etc. will be awarded.

Gold prize for 1 team (exemption from full dormitory fee for the first semester of 2020)

Silver prize for 2 teams (80% exemption of dormitory fee for the first semester of 2020)

Bronze prize for 4 teams (50% exemption of dormitory fee for the first semester of 2020)

* In case of one team consisted of 2 students, the rate of reduction of dormitory expenses is applied to
each student in half (Gold prize for 2 persons in 1 team: 50% exemption for each person, Silver prize      
for 2 persons in 1 team: 40% exemption for each person, Bronze prize for 2 persons   in team: 25% reduction for each person)

* Food and security deposit must be paid separately even if the dormitory fees are exempted.
 (Rent is exempted for four months of semester, bills and management expenses must be paid)

* Winners will be able to apply for a preferred dormitory in the first semester of the 2020 school year.     Benefits are applicable only if you are applying for a room type of 2 persons in 1 room, 4 persons in 1   room, 6 persons in 3 rooms (Not available for 4 persons in 4 rooms, 3 persons in 3 rooms, 1 person in     1 room)

*The winner will be eligible for a reduction in the amount due after applying for dormitory in the first          semester of 2020
*Dormitory exemption benefits are not transferable to others
*If you do not apply for dormitory due to reasons such as absent from the first semester of 2020, you      can apply for the benefit to the second semester of 2020 (it can not be carried over from the    year  2021)


■ Judging standard

- After closing the application, open judging (student poll on the website) and an internal judging will be held


■ Judging process

- Pre-judging based on its qualification and suitability for participation

- Open judging (20%): Score the ranking of the 'Like' votes on the website (100 points, 98 points, 96 points, etc., having a difference of 2 points)

- Internal judging (80%): Assessment of subject understanding (30), creativity (30), emotion / fun (20) and completeness (20)

- Awards in order of high scores


■ Notes

- All entries must be a pure creation not selected or published in other contests.
If the entry is confirmed to be imitation or borrowed, the prize will be canceled and the prize will be refunded.

- Applicants are responsible for any civil or criminal issues arising out of copyright or other intellectual property rights of the submitted work.

- The copyright of the entry is attributed to the dormitory, and the entry is not returned.

- Works selected for the contest will be released to publicity materials and website.

- If UCC application form is nominated for the initial judging and awarded, the original high capacity file must be submitted separately.

- If the submitted work does not meet the judging criteria and level, the winner may not be awarded.

- The content of the work is contrary to gossip, slander, vulgar language, political, religious inclination and social wisdom.

- If you upload your own work on the website of the dormitory, you must write it in secret mode so that only you can see it during the application period.

- Webtoon can only be uploaded when using 'Chrome'.

■ Inquiry

Myeongryun(Seoul)-> / Bongryong(Suwon)->

※Get the flyers and HOT PACKs from each of the Information desk~

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