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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] Dormitory Foreigners Orientation (2019-Fall Semester)
번호 : 1919 등록일 : 2019-09-03 조회수 : 339

For foreigners’ wonderful dormitory life, we are holding a [Freshman Orientation]!
This orientation will include detailed dormitory introduction and safety education in English. Other dormitory safety educations are conducted in Korean so it is very good opportunity to have safety education in English.

The location and date is stated below.


▶Date:  Sep. 5. (Thu) PM 5 ~ 6 (in English) / Sep. 4. (Wed) PM 5 ~ 6 (in Korean)

▶Location: Auditorium at B1F in Shin-gwan B

▶ This is mandatory orientation , so every foreign 2019-fall freshmen have to participate. If you are not freshmen but this is the first time to live in the dorm you can also participate(but not mandatory).

If freshmen for 2019-fall doesn’t come to this orientation,  you will get 2 penalty points.

▶ If you have justifiable reasons for not participating in both English and Korean orientation, please bring the paper to the dorm office in Shin-gwan A.
- Due date: Sep. 3. (Tue) 13:00 ~ Sep. 6. (Fri) 17:00  
- Justifiable reasons and related papers
 (1) Class time table (Should be printed on GLS)
 (2) Confirmation sheet of Seminar or business trip (Seminar pamphlat or phone number of supervisor professor is needed)
 (3) Certification of hospitalization

※Inquiry : Dorm office (031-290-5183)

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