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[Notice in English] ★Additional Application for Vacancy: Waiting Number System (2019-fall)
번호 : 1952 등록일 : 2019-08-19 조회수 : 2477

Dormitory will operate waiting number system for vacancies caused by dormitory renounce, overdue payment, leave and etc. This system is a replacement to previous system where students personally visit the office to apply. Please read below details and apply accordingly. 


■ What is “Reserve (waiting list)”?

 - Students who couldn’t apply the dormitory on stage 1 and 2 or want to enter dormitory in the mid of semester can apply dormitory through this system

Applicants will receive a waiting number in the order of application.

When dormitory has vacancy, KINGO-M alarm will be sent to students according to the waiting list.


■ Eligibility to apply through this system

- Students who had applied for 1st or 2nd stage but already "Canceled". .

- Those who can submit a copy of a clear tuberculosis check-up result (Normal/Clear up/Not contagious) by the check-in date

- Undergraduates and graduates(Gragudate freshmen for 2019-fall can apply)

-Students with postponed graduation of bachelor and master or on gap year can not apply.

-Students who did recieve an academic warning(under GPA 1.75) in the previous semester can apply


■ Application date and method.

- GLS ▷Application/Graduation Requirements Management ▷ Dormitory ▷ Reserve (waiting list)


■ How to apply?

1. After dormitory applications and registrations (stage 2) are completed, notice of additional application will be posted on dormitory homepage.

2. According to the additional application plan, program will be opened automatically at specific time on GLS. (dormitory application will be in the order of application)

3. Students can choose only one dormitory depend on their preference. Please fill in all information of guardian's contact number, bank account for refund, meal plan and etc. After that, please read and agree with Dormitory Application Agreement.

4. After all procedures are done, click [Submit] then waiting number will be given in the order of application.

5. According to the order of waiting list, dorm office will check applicants, proceed to apply dormitory and issue an individual invoice. Then, Kingo-M alarm will be sent to the student’s smart phone.

6. Students who get this alarm should pay dormitory fee until next day 23:00 of receiving SMS

7. Students can check-in next day of payment deadline (after 13:00) (if you are applicants who should submit TB test result, you should submit before you check-in)


■ Schedule of additional dormitory apply for 2019 fall semester

  2019. Aug. 22.(Thu) 11:00 ~  2019.Dec.4.(Wed) 12:00

- Available check-in date: 2 days after notice (next day of payment deadline 13:00~)
 The first possible application date: Aug.22.(Thu) / The first possible check-in date: Aug.30.(Fri) 


■ TO

***TO will be update on Jun.19. and it will be update everyday after 11:00, Aug. 22.  

*numer means amount of vacancy, number in parentheses refer to the waiting number in progress.
  Ex) 2(3) means there are 2 vacancy and applicant who got the wating number 3 already did check-in or cancled. So applicant who got the number 4 can check-in immedietly.

*For the graduates applying for the Shin-gwan (Female : floor 2&3/ Male : floor 9&10) will be limited to reside different floor. For the undergraduates can be allocated in the rooms for the graduates.










0 (13)






3 (19)


0 (6)




0 (37)



→ (11)

0 ()




→ (3)

0 ()

→ (14)

0 ()


0 ()

0 ()

→ (10)

0 ()


0 (4)

0 ()

→ (4)

0 ()


→ ()

2 ()

→ (10)



0 ()

0 ()

0 ()

0 ()


0 ()

0 ()

0 ()

0 ()

 *p means people, r means room(s).

■ Notes

  1. 1. In order to contact to students for vacancy, additional application will be open even if there is no vacancy now.
  2. 2. Unable to modify after click [Submit]. If you want to modifyyou should re-apply after click [Cancel] If you re-apply, new wating number will be given.
  3. 3. When it becomes your turn on the waiting list, applying dormitory will be made automatically based on the information you have already written on GLS. So, the date when you can check-in will be set two days after we have a vacancy for you without additional notice.
  4. 4. Students who get the notice should pay dormitory fee to an individual account which you can check through GLS. If you don’t pay by deadline, application will be cancelled automatically and apply chance will be moved to the next applicant.
  5. 5. To those on the waiting list until the check-in in the mid of semester ends, applications will be automatically cancelled.
  6. 6. Students who don’t have a qualification to apply can apply but they will be excluded.
  7. 7. There will be no additional notice than KINGO-M alarm.
  8. 8. Selection priority is not considered in this system.


■ How to apply through GLS

  1. (GLS) Reserve (waiting list) ▷ Click [Search] ▷ click [Apply] in the campus that you want

  [Caution 1] Before 11:00 on Aug.22.(Thu), the recruit session is not shown on GLS.

After click [Search] at 11 O’clock on that day, the recruit session will be shown.    

2. Click [Submit] after write all information in Check the result, Meal plan, and Rule Agreement

(1) Student contact number: the number which will get notice for vacancy

     Guardian's contact number: the number which will be reached when emergency take place.   

   (2) Choose the dormitory/room type (check [v]): If you choose, dormitory/room type will be shown on the right side in the information for application.

   (3) Write bank account information for refund.

   (4) Click [next] and fill information in Meal plan and Rules Agreement tab.

   (5) Click [Submit]

 3. Waiting number will be given after application is completed. 
*Different waiting number will be given depend on dormitory, room type, gender and undergraduates or graduates

4. Check the result or Cancel (Modify)

After your application is submitted, the [Apply] button will be changed to [Check the result]. When you click it, you can check application information and waiting number below.

When you want to cancel or re-apply to modify, click [Check the result] ▷ [Cancel App.]

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