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명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
Winter semester-> Winter vacation residence period extension
No : Date : 2019-12-26 Views : 1398

We seek for applicants who want to extend the residence period from the winter semester of 2019 to the whole winter vacation period as follows:

1. Qualification to apply and duration of residence
  1) Qualification to apply - Students who currently reside in dormitory by applying for the 'Winter Semester period' of dormitory and want to extend the 'Whole Winter Vacation period'.
  2) Duration of Residence : 2020.Jan.11.(Sat) ~ 2020.Feb.23.(Sun) [43nights 44days]
2. Dormitory Applicatoin Schedule
  1) How to apply : GLS -> Dormitory applicaton
  2) Application date : Jan.2.(Thur) 09:00 ~ Jan.6.(Mon) 23:00
  3) Payment period : Jan.8.(Wed) 10:00 ~ Jan.9.(Thur) 23:00
                     (GLS -> Dormitory Informatoin -> Invoice -> Pay)
  4) Room allotment Announcement: Jan.10.(Fri) 17:00
    - Your Room can be changed. On Jan.11, a student whose room is changed must move into a new assigned room.
3. Dormitory fee for a Double room(Including deposit fee)
Dormitory Dormitory fee
E-House 587,500won
G-House 587,500won
K-House 652,000won
 - The dormitory fee includes a a deposit of 50,000won.
   However, there will be no deposit in the dormitory for exchange students.
4. Application cautions
  1) You must submit a Check-out list of Winter Semester on your GLS even if your room is not changed.
  2) You can not apply further application if you miss the application period or payment period. you must check out hte dormitory by noon on January 11. 2020.
  3) Student living in a dormitory, whose room is changed, must move to a new assigned room on January 11.
  4) The deposit sill be re-billed upon requset ofr extension, and the deposit for the winter semester will be refunded within January. However, doposits may be deducted depending on cleaning and supply conditions.
  5) If you cancel your application after paying the dormitory fees in accordance with the dormitory refund policy, a certain amount can't be deducted or refunded. Please read the refund rules carefully.
      * Check-in cancellation (Click on the 'check-in cancel' button in GLS until January 10) : Full refund.
      * Mid-session check-out(If cancelling or check-out from January 11): refund after 15days deduction from remaining residence period until the regualr check-out day(no refund if less than 30days of residence period)


명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시판의 이전글 다음글
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