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2017-09-06 1689
1. Inspection Recipient: All residents in Myeongryun Haksa

2. When: Sep. 11(Mon) ~ Sep. 17(Sun)


3. How: A housemaster/staff/resident-assistant will check every room during the inspection period.


4. Main Contents

a) Hecking and repairing damages in furnishings and equipment

b) Listening to the suggestions or the problems of residents

c) Check-list required for Communal Living

- Accomodating/entering of non-residents, room change

- Drinking/keeping alcohol/smoking in the dormitory

- Room cleanliness

- Keeping or using inflammables

- Checking and advising other things for better communal living

※ During the inspection period, a housemaster/staff/resident-assistant may enter the rooms while residents are out, and they can impose penalty points on the discovered violations.

5. Inquiry

☏ 02-766-2183/2103/760-0164, dorms@skku.edu

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