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G-House breakfast application(Refund and change)
2017-09-04 1404


We are receiving application of change meal plan for your convenience of using meal coupons.


1.  Applying to change meal plan (Add and refund)

  Changing period: Sep.6.2017(Wed) ~ Sep.10(Sun)

 ■ Additional application payment period: Sep.11.2017(Mon) ~ Sep.13(Wed)

 How to apply : http://dorms.skku.edu ▶ Google Application form

Applying changed meal plan: From Sep.14.2017 (Thur) breakfast

Refund or change to fewer meal coupon, must submit remaining meal coupn after write

Google application. Submit remaining coupon until Sep.13(Wed) 17:00 G-House operating office.

If you do not pay until Sep.13(Wed) the application will be cancelled.

Issue virtual account number → Confirm SMS, Email

and transfer the fee to virtual account number.

* Refund(Cancel application)

Apply refund(cancel) within changing period, 15 meal coupons fee will be deducted

(Total payment-₩37,500(15coupons) = Refund amount)

* 15coupons cannot refund even if you did not use.

Changing meal plan

1) High meal plan→ Low meal plan: Less than 30 coupons cannot apply

/ Different amount of meal coupon fee will be refunded

2) Additional purchase(10-40coupons)

*  New purchase

You can purchase from 30 coupons(30-80 coupons)

There is no additional changing period.

No refund left over meal coupon in the end of semester.

The refund process will take maximum 3weeks. The refund fee will be

transfer to your bank account.



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