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2017-Fall Semester Check-in Guidance
2017-08-17 1832

    2017-Fall Semester Check-in Guidance


1. Check-in Period

a. Leased building: Victory, Crown ville A/C, Youngeuntown A/B, LWG

     Aug.26 (Sat) Check-in 13:00~

b. Direct Dormitory (C/E/G/K/M-House)

 - Early Check-in applicant: Aug.26(Sat) 15:00 ~  (C/G-House can check-in from 09:00~)

 - Regular Check-in applicant: Aug.27(Sun) 09:00 ~

※ Recommend check-in before 18:00

Cannot check-in before the applied date

   You can enter after applied date(If the check-in date is over ask Housing office)


2. Check-in Procedure

-  Check your room number on GLS Aug.25(Fri) 17:00

-  Submit Tuberculosis Result

-  Write Check-in Confirmation on GLS and click submit button.

   (Submit deadline: Sep.15(Fri) 24:00 )

- Not submit check-in confirmation penalty 1 point.

3. Rent a Cart

a. C/E/G/K/I/M-House: Can rent a cart (It will take long time to wait, prepare personal carrier)



Write down rental list Rental time : 15 minutes

Prepare: Cell phone + ID card Lost and damage: lender burden

b. Leased builidng (No cart)

4. Parking

Not enough parking space, please use parcel and designated(charged) parking lot.

5. Note

Receiving parcel package

C/E/G/I/M/K-House: Check your room number, Address, Name and send to each dormitory

Reased Building: No parcel room, contact security office

Crownvile A/C no parcel room.

6. Inquiry

http://dorm.skku.edu, dorms@skku.edu

Housing Office 760-0164, 02-766-2183/2103,

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