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2017-Summer Check-out Guidance
2017-08-17 1257

For  check-out of 2017-Summer and to prepare pleasant residential environment for 2017-Summer residents, Myeongryun Haksa is planning to proceed check-out inspection and cleaning as following. We ask active cooperation of all residents.


1. Check-out Date

a. Leased building: Victory House, Crownvile A/C, Youngeun Town A,B, LWG

   Aug.24(Thur) until 13:00

b. Direct Dormitory: E/M/K-House

     Aug.26(Sat) until 12:00

 2017-Fall check-in resident who is living in Leased  building in 2017-Summer  can check-out and move until Aug.26(Sat) until 12:00.  Room Cleaning will be proceed regardless of you are in room or not during Aug.24~25. Please keep your luggage and belongs.


2. Check-out Procedure

If check-out list is not submitted, check-out will not be made or be delayed.


a. Submitting Check-out list:   Aug.16(Wed) ~26(Sat) 24:00

GLS Application/Graduation Requirements Management Dormitory Check-out list

(Guidance is on website)

b. Room inspection and measures: R.A. will check all rooms from 12:00/13:00

(If any damaged facility or uncleanness of room is found, corresponding measures will be made)


Even if no malfunction of faciilities was found during facility inspection, if the room is found to have damaged facilities or imcomplete cleaning after the residents’ check-out, checked-out residents are still responsible for the cost and have admission restriction etc.


3.Early Check-out: Aug.16(Wed) ~ Aug.25(Fri) Leased building Aug.23(Wed)


4.Cart rent


Write details on list(Security office)

How long: 15 mins

Requirement: Mobilephone + IDcard

Loss/Damage: Cost of lender


Parking space is very limited, so please use parcel delivery or paid parking lot


6.Penalty point

Penalty points which was imposed within 15 days from check-out will be carried to next semester.

If residents do not keep check-out time, there is a difficulty in next semester check-in. Please keep

the time. (Will check from 12:00 whether all residents checked out or not)

For more information, please visit website(http://dorm.skku.edu).

Inquiry: Housing Office 02-766-2103/2183

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