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Dormitory Admission for 2017-Fall Semester (2nd)
2017-08-11 1484

                               <Applications for 2017 Fall Semester>


The 2nd term of dorm application will be held, since there is the vacancy made by application cancellation of unpayment after the 1st term of dorm application.
Since you can find out the vacancy of each dorm after 23:00 P.M., 10th of August (Payment deadline), dorm which is subject of the 2nd application can be identified in GLS from 09:00 A.M., 11th of August. If there is no vacancy in the dorm, the dorm won’t be seen on the GLS application screen.
The vacancy of the dorm will be noticed After 10:00 A.M., 11th of August. So, please refer to it when you apply the dorm in the 2nd term.


2nd Capacity(people)
E-House 1person 1 -
E--House  2people 37 14
G--House  1person - 1
G-House 2people - 21
K--House  1person - 1
K--House  2person - 16 
C--House 6 -
M--House 2 0
I--House - 0
Victory - 9
Youngeun Town A 13 -
Youngeun Town  B 15 -
Crownville A 6 -
Crownville C 2 1
LWG 1person - 0
LWG 2people - 1




1. Application Requirements

○ Students who are joining SKKU in 2017 Fall Semester, and current students can apply.

(It is not possible to apply if you have graduated or if you have applied to take a gap year

from Fall Semester.)

○ Those with penalty points restricted of admission or academic warnings from the previous semester cannot apply.

○ Those who can submit a tuberculosis test (normal or fully cured) can apply.

2. Detail Information

Please refer to attached file above Dormitory Admission Information for 2017-Fall Semester

For details on the GLS application procedure, please download the "Guidance for Dormitory Application on GLS" file.


* Office Hour : 09:00~17:30 (Weekday)
* It is difficult to reply to queries over the weekend.

You are therefore advised to submit your application during weekdays.

* Allocation of places in the dormitory is not on a first-come first-served basis, so just be sure to apply before the deadline.


*The cutline of the grade is relative evaluation which comes out to be different in every single semester, but still if you want to refer to the result of last semester, please check it out from the Dorm application guidance file.

                   SKKU Dormitory

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