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Safe Dorm Life

명륜학사 | 안전한 기숙사 생활 게시글의 상세 화면
Locking Door for Accident Prevention
분류 : notice in english 번호 : 등록일 : 2017-11-09 조회수 : 2040

Locking door for accident prevention

      Recently, there was an unfortunate incident with a female resident who had not locked the door.
      In our dormitory, there are a lot of students who do not lock the door usually.
      For your safety, please do 'locking door' thoroughly.

     ◈ Please lock the door not only for the safety in the room, but also prevention of a 

         incident of lost.

          1. Lock the door when you are not in your room

          2. Lock the door before sleeping

          3. Lock the door in the middle of the night


     ◈ What to do in case of an emergency


     ◈ Contacts

          ☎ Housing office : 02-766-2183/2103, 760-0164                      e-mail :

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