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Dormitory life safety guideline
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Dormitory life safety guideline


     Any kind of accident happens frequently where many people live together. It is very critical because not only myself but also others can be in danger. Shall we find out what kind of accident happens frequently in dormitory, where many students live together, and what we can do to prevent it from happening?


     1. Microwave

     Since cooking is forbidden in dormitory, many students use microwave to heat up frozen foods. Microwave is useful to heat up foods very quickly, but if we use incorrectly it might cause explosion.


     * Then what should we never put in the microwave?

        Tinfoil, disposable plastic bag, fragile glass bowl, metal material, food with hard shell

        (e.g. sweet potato, chestnut), raw egg, dried corn must never put in the microwave.


     2. Electrical Items

     In principle, electrical item is prohibited in dormitory. Due to inattention of user or defect of product, it causes critical fire accident.

     To prevent any kind of accident, why don’t we not bring any prohibited items?


     3. Overuse of electricity

     Most university students plug the cord of cellphone battery charger, desk lamp, computer

(laptop) into an outlet for everyday use. This is very dangerous. Since, power consumption of computer(laptop) is very high, compared to other products, it might cause fire accident due to overload of power consumption.

     To prevent this overload, we must unplug unused cord and protect outlet from dust. At times, if the cord is not plugged well into an outlet, an electric spark might happen and lead to fire accident. Please be careful!


     Until now, we’ve take a look at some cases that might happen in dormitory. Nowhere is 100 percent safe. Since dormitory is a public living space, we shall be careful with everyone’s safety.

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