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명륜학사 > 생활안내 > 안전한 기숙사 생활 게시글의 상세 화면
Equipments to use when fire outbreaks
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Equipments to use when fire outbreaks


     1. Fire Extinguisher


     ① Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher handle.

     Stand against wind and aim hose toward the fire.

     ③ Squeeze the lever toward the fire. Be sure to sweep the hose side to side.

        ★ When pulling the pin off the extinguisher, make sure to hold the body of extinguisher

            tightly. Safety pin will not be easily pulled off, if lever is squeeze beforehand.



     2. Fire Hydrant


     ① Open the fire hydrant box. Hold the mouth of hose and pull out.

     ② Turn the valve left to open.

     ③ Hold the mouth of hose with your hands and aim at the fire. Extinguish the fire.

     ④ After the fire is extinguished, lock the hydrant valve and keep the hose fully dried.


     3. Descending Life Line


     ①  Connect the hook to the safety bar and Lock tight.

     ②  Throw rope reel out of the window.

     ③  Tie belt underarms. (make sure belt is not twisted)

     ④  Tighten the belt on your waist by using locking ring.

     ⑤  Face your body toward the wall. Place your hands on the outer wall and climb down by

      your feet.


     4. CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)


     ① Check the patient’s consciousness with fingers or back of your hand.

     ② Clasp your right hand on your left hand, press patient’s chest 5~6cm deep.

     ③ Continue 30 times of pressure.

     ④ After opening the airway of patient, try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 2 times.

     ⑤ Until the patient gets better, continue 30 times of cardiac compression and 2 times of

         mouth-to mouth resuscitation.

명륜학사 > 생활안내 > 안전한 기숙사 생활 게시판의 이전글 다음글
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