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Register for Sleep Out
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Register for Sleep Out


     Every resident, who plans to stay out of the dormitory for more than ‘five days’ are required to write hi/her sleep out plan and submit it in advance. It has purpose on every resident’s safety. Therefor we appreciate your active cooperation.


     1. What is registering Sleep Out?

     It is a regulation for students who sleep out for more than 5 days to register their schedule(including emergency contact information) in advance. It is to keep safety of dormitory residents.


     2. Why is registering Sleep Out needed?


Unlike other dormitories, SKKU dormitories do not have roll call. In this case, it is difficult to follow up with every student’s safety. Therefore, we contact with the students who have not entered dormitory for certain long period, considering he/she is in danger, and cope with it before any serious problem happens. But, we will make sure to mitigate any inconvenience to students who have registered for sleep out in advance.


By having an emergency contact information, it is possible to contact with students if there is any emergency situations.


     3. How does the procedure of checking residents’ safety works?


Check students that of having no entrance record last 5 days

Check if the student have registered Sleep Out

Yes(registered)-> no further actions (finished)

No(not registered)-> Call the student to check one’s safety(call or SMS)

Contact made-> confirm one’s sleep out (finished)

Out of contact-> Call student’s parent to check one’s safety(call or SMS)

Check student’s safety (finished)


     4. How to register for Sleep Out?


GLS Application/Graduation Requirements Management Dormitory Register Sleep Out

Click [ADD]

Enter Entry tag number(or room number)

Select [period], [place], [country], [reason]

1) [period]: departure~arrival

2) [place]: select one from [overseas/domestic]. If it is [overseas], write down [country]

3) [reason]: select one from [travel/conference attendance/visit home/others]. If it is [others], write down the reasons too.

Fill in [Contact Number]

- Fill in the emergency contact information to make contact when there is any emergency situation while student sleep out. (Oneself or acquaintance’s contact info.)

Click [SAVE]. Click [SEARCH] and check the registration result

How to edit or delete



How to edit(extend) period

How to cancel registration

Before sleep out period

Click [edit]. Edit sleep out schedule and click [save]

Click [delete]

During sleep out period

Make another sleep out schedule and click [save]

Call Operating Office


     5. Note


Must write down exact emergency contact info and entry card number.

No need to register for sleep out when national holiday is more than 5 days.

Students who have registered for sleep out can leave their key and entry tag in care of security office, not to lose them.

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