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Sungkyunkwan University Dormitory Residence Life Rules

Article1 Title and Purpose
  • ① This rule will be called Sungkyunkwan Dormitory Residence Life Rules according to Article 5.
  • ② Dormitory residents should comply with this rule for a safe, comfortable and orderly community life in the dormitory.


Article 2 Life Principle
  • ① Dormitory residents should cooperate with the formation of a safe, comfortable and orderly community life together, and must not cause any harm to others or err from the path of student duty especially by drinking, singing, dancing, drug use, violence, etc.
  • ② Visitor access is restricted if they enter or stay without any permission. Dormitory residents cannot change rooms by themselves.
  • ③ Dormitory residents should sincerely follow Dormitory director, related staff, and guidance-assistance for communal safety and maintenance of order.


Article 3 Use of Public Property
  • ① Dormitory residents should try to save and use public facilities and equipment with care. Dormitory residents should compensate for any damage or loss.
  • ② Unauthorized receipt- opening of other resident’s mail or parcels must not occur.
  • ③ No action which has the risk of fire should be taken, and forbidden electronics or heating appliances should not be used or possessed.


Article 4 Hygiene and Sanitation
  • ① Dormitory residents should fulfill all the regulations to prevent disease. Submitting a clear result of a tuberculosis check-up before dormitory entrance is mandatory.
  • ② If any disease designated as an epidemic occurs, inform the office and immediately take appropriate action.
  • ③ No pet is allowed in the dormitory.


Article 5 Access and Sleep-over
  • ① Dormitory residents cannot enter the dormitory from 1:00am to 5:00am. Only, graduate students can be an exception.
  • ② Dormitory residents who are scheduled to ‘Sleep out’ for over 5 days (when including weekend, 7 days) should inform the operation center in advance. If students don’t, the operation center checks accommodation of the student by contacting the students themselves and their parents.


Article 6 Room Inspection
  • ① Dormitory residents should accept the room inspection involved with counseling for difficulty and checking for community life, such as indoor cleanliness, facilities/equipment, checking and personnel.
  • ② The room inspection consists of two regular checks; after joining, before resignation and extra one when the director judges that checking is needed.
  • ③ Room inspection is conducted under the occupant’s presence for communal safety and maintenance, in accordance with the dormitory living principle. However, room inspection can be done even with the occupant’s absence in the following situations, and the inspection notification will be given afterwards:
    • 1. When cases are occurring such as facility inspection which needs urgent emergency measures, fire, safety accident, and security issues.
    • 2. When receiving the consent of an occupant for conducting a room inspection without occupant’s presence.
    • 3. When the occupant is not in the room even during the second visit of the room inspection. (Room inspection will be conducted at the second visit regardless of absence of occupant)
    • 4. When occupant does not allow the room inspection to commence for no valid reason, even if he/she is present in the room.


Article 7 Penalty System
  • ① Dormitory residents who violate the regulations of the dormitory will be imposed with penalty points according to its relative importance as the attached table below shows. In the case of corporate responsibility, all of relevant students could be imposed penalty points.
  • ② Dormitory residents imposed with over ten points will be expelled from the dormitory. Over 15 points, the student is limited to apply for dormitory for one year, and over 20 points, the student cannot apply permanently.


Supplementary Provision

The amended rule is enforced from January 21, 2015 and dormitory rules violation and demerit points in accordance with an amendment of the Article 7 Paragraph 1 is enforced from February 24, 2015.