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기숙사규정 서브타이틀

  • Penalty points
  • Life Rules
  • Rules and Regulations


  • Total points 20 or more: eviction from dormitory, lose right to apply for dormitory forever

  • Total points 15 or more: eviction from dormitory, lose right to apply for dormitory for a year

  • Total points 10 or more: eviction from dormitory, right to apply for dormitory is not lost (but, violation demerits 15 days before retirement are carried over to the next semester or vacation and totaled)

  • Less than 10 points: demerits are only valid for the semester but, can influence on later dormitory application or ‘dormate’ selection.

  • In case of forced eviction, students must vacate the room within 4 days after demerit announcement

  • For the repeated violation or ‘Dormate’ students can be imposed with double demerit points as additional punishment.

  • We consider residents who don't reside in the corresponding dorm as non-residents, so we shall impose the same demerits on him or her.

  • It is possible to grant a demerit to all roommates about matters involving shared responsibility.

  • If the management staff, including security guards catches a violation, he or she should turn it over to assistant lifestyle guidance.

  • In principle, we give out demerit points for each violation, but undergraduate chapter, chief operation; and dorm leaders can adjust demerit points depending on the situation.




20  demerit 20


 1   Significantly inappropriate behavior in communal living such as theft, assault, gambling, sexual assault


 2   Accommodating non-residents or being visited by non-residents or assisting those acts in dormitory

      during curfew hours(AM 01:00 - 05:00)


 3   Unauthorized visit or bring in to opposite sex's dorm 


 4   Acts that deliberately damage the public property and facilities in dormitory 


15 demerit 15


 5   Unauthorized retention and use of flammable materials causing fire and ignition

      (fuel gas, petroleum, paint thinner, candles, mosquito-repellent, etc.) 


10 demerit 10


 6   Smoking outside of designated smoking area


05 demerit 5


 7   Possession and use of non-permitted electronics other than allowed electronics

      (computers, printers, stands, chargers, hair dryers, auto power curlers, humidifier, fan, mini-vacuum) 


 8   Abnormal usage of entrance gate, unauthorized access through abnormal passage (windows or terraces)

      or acts to send and receive objects through external passage 


Communal Living   



15 demerit 15


 9   Changing rooms without notice, applying as a substitute for dormitory 


 10   In addition to the residency period, a room occupied by unauthorized act


10 demerit 10


 11   Stealing and using IP and spreading falsity, cyber-bullying other students or disseminating virus 


 12   Harming others by being unconscious or behaving indecently due to drinking and also drinking

         in dormitory 


 13   Breeding or bringing pets in dormitory


08 demerit 8


 14   Granting unauthorized access to non-residents and acts that let them enter dormitory during hours

        (AM 05:00~ next day AM 01:00)


 15   Bringing alcoholic beverages or keeping them in dormitory 


 16  Act to transfer a student ID card, key or entry card to non-resident 


 17   Behaving arrogantly or disobeying to the dormitory director, office member, house master,

         guidance-assistance, guard, and related staff and giving false statements for guidance or inspection


03 demerit 3


 18  Access at curfew time (AM 01:00-05:00)


 19   Granting access to non-residents into a room without the consent of the roommate 


 20   Using or moving dormitory equipment without permission.


 21   Obstructing the lives of other students with noise

         (playing a musical instrument, singing or speaking loudly, PC games, etc.) 


 22   Using computer or lamp (excluding the lamp) without the consent of the roommate after 12 midnight


02 demerit 2


 23   Graffiti, Exhibition or distribution of advertising materials without permission 


 24   Non-cooperative behavior in education or training regarding communal living or safety

        (dormitory OT, fire evacuation drill, etc)


 25   To know and acquiesce the violation of roommate


 26   Placing personal goods in public places (clothes horse, umbrella, etc.)

         and placing a bicycle outside of designated area


 27   Nailing or posting on the wall of dormitory 


01 demerit 1


 28   Non-cooperative behavior in submitting required documents to dormitory

         (moving-in notification, check-in confirmation, etc) 





05 demerit 5


 29   Cooking or eating somewhere other than a designated place or eating in the room

         without the consent of the roommate


03 demerit 3


 30   Making stains on the mattress without bed sheet or mattress cover

        (Residents who received waterproof pad should set the pad on the mattress) 


02 demerit 2


 31   Disposing of rubbish somewhere other than the designated places or not conducting garbage separation

         in designated area


 32   Not receiving delivered food outside the building, or not leaving empty food containers

         outside of the building


 33  Not cleaning or organizing one's dormitory room 


상기 콘텐츠 및 보안관리 담당자 : 기숙사행정실 (dorms@skku.edu)



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