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Guest house

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  • Researchers and faculty members visiting SKKU
  • Teaching staff who needs facilities for business reason
  • If the facility is needed for other reasons, please inquire

Single Room : Only applicanthimself or herself can stay


Double Room : A couple is allowed to stay.
(But, before check in, identification card will be checked (or PASSPORT), More than two will be unavailable, No Kids.)


  • Single Room : \30,000 per day
  • Double Room : \40,000 per day

No deposit (If items are damaged or missing, the cost will be charged to a subscriber)


Available length of stay :
The Maximum term is for 6 months. More than 6months, please contact the person in charge.

Reservation Application Approval Process

  1. Reservation Apply
    • - ASIS(SKKU Information system) > Tap the Information Square > Administration Service > Other Applications >
      Tap theButton게스트하우스예약신청[Guest House Reservation Application]

    Reservation Apply

  2. Reservation Approval
    • A Guest House manager will Approve yourreservation after checking your status of booking > Process state will be changed to [Payment Settlement]
  3. Checking Bill
    • ASIS(SKKU Information system) > Tap the Information Square > Administration Service > Other Applications >
      Guest House Reservation Application > Tap the [Deposit Information] > Tap the [Print the Bill] Button
  4. The Way to Pay Room Rates
    • - Prepayment before Check in
    • - Account transfer to a virtual payment account (Card or Tax bill is not available)
    • - Paying on amonthly installment is available only to those who are staying more than 90 days (3 months)

      Ex) If staying for 100days (3 months and 10days), the guest has a choice to pay it on the installment in
           maximum twice.
          (Before check in, charging 1/3 of the whole fare to pay, additional charge of 1/3 of the whole charge each      month)

    • - Please pay it before the deadline (If your payment isn’t ready till a day before check in, 5:00 pm, your Reservation is canceled automatically.)

The Rules for Refund

(According to the cancellation and the change of your booking)

- Before Check in :

Before Check in
  100% Refund 10% deduction
Short-term reservation (Length of stay is less than three months.) Cancellation3 days before check-in Cancellation before 2 days ~
check in day
Long-term reservation (Length of stay is more than three months.) Cancellation10 days before
Cancellation before 9 days ~
check in day

- After Check in :

  10% refund after deducting fees from the remaining period

Guest House Manager Tel.

  • Myeongryunhaksa(The Humanities and Social Science Campus Dormitory) : 02-760-0164
  • Bongryonghaksa (The Natural Science Campus Dormitory): 031-290-5182

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