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[Open Kitchen] 2019-summer Check-out & 2019-fall Application (Including cleaning schedule)
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Open Kitchen Check-out

1. Current users who will leave the dormitory after summer vacation must return the refrigerator box with their key and card when the check-out

- If you don’t return the box with your key, the fee for the box (10,000 won) will be deducted from your deposit money.
- If you check out in the earlier date than Aug.30.(Fri), you should return the box with your room key to information desk of each dormitory.
- If you check out on Aug.30.(Fir), all the users should return the container to your dormitory office. (Shin-gwan A residents return the box at Shin-gwan B B1F Auditorium, In/Ui/Ye gwan residents return the box at 1F Ui-gwan dorm office (near the entrance))


2. Current users who will live in the dormitory during fall can use the open kitchen without registering again only if you are the intended users of currently using open kitchen.

- If you want to stop using the kitchen, container should be returned to the dorm office.
- Ui-gwan open kitchen is only for Ui-gwan residents and who in other dormitories can use In-gwan open kitchen.
- If user is not selected in Ui-gwan for 2019-fall, user should move to In-gwan open kitchen
- If the current Ui-gwan open kitchen users are allocated to other dormitories, not Ui-gwan, students should follow the check-out process and register for In-gwan Open kitchen.
- For those who are using In-gwan open kitchen and want to use In-gwan for fall, students don't need to register again regardless of the dormitory for fall semester.


3. Open Kitchen Cleaning

- Schedule: 13:00 ~ 16:00 on Aug. 27. (Tue) (Ui-gwan)

              13:00 ~ 16:00 on Aug. 28. (Wed) (In-gwan)

- Objection: sink, table, ventilation fans of induction range, and refrigerator. (You can leave your items only in your container)

- Current user who will leave the dorm after fall semester or have to change the kitchen for fall semester must empty the shelf before the Aug. 30. (Fri). Every items left in the shelf of above users will be discarded during the cleaning.

- During the cleaning time, open kitchen usage in not allowed, so please prepare a meal in advance. Every items left in the communal place such as table and sink or left things in the unregistered shelf will be discarded during the cleaning.



4. Application for open kitchen for 2019-Fall semester

-This application will be made on a first-come first-served basis and the cabinet number is given randomly.
- When: Aug. 27. (Tue) 10:00 ~
- Who: All students who want to use open kichen for 2019-fall semester.
- How to register: Click the link below-> fill the blanks with your information-> submit your application

-OPEN KITCHEN APPLICATION (◀ Click here)     It will be open on Aug. 27. (Tue) 10:00

-Users who using for summer vacation doesn't have to apply it. And this application valid until end of winter vacation 
-You can find your selected result and assigned cabinet numer on the notice board on Aug. 29. (Thu) 17:00
-If you success, you can use open kitchen from Aug. 30. (Fri) evening.


5. Notes

- Please clean all items in your shelf and container before you leave the dormitory.
- All items left in a shelf will be discarded after check-out.
- Every open kitchen users should follow the rules of open kitchen.


Inquires: 031-290-5183 or

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