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2019-Summer Semester Check-out Information
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-Table of Contents-

2019-Summer semester Check-out Date

Check-out Procedure

2019-Summer Vacation Extension Check-in Date

Check-in Procedure

Standatd of Cleaninng

Box Purchasing and Parcel Service

Rent a Cart

Parking Ticket

Luggage Room(Storage)

Deposit Refund

▣ 2019-Summer semester Check-out Date 

1. Regular Check-out> By Jul.13. (Sat) noon (You can leave out ealry before regular check-out day)
2. Student who applied/paid for extension need to move to new room on Jul. 13. (Sat)

- It is available to check-out ealry before the regular check-out day, but be careful not to make noise at night.
- In case of violating the rule regarding the check-out time, etc., during the room inspection by dorm assistants, you will get the penalty of 15 points(one-year prohibition of dorm admission) as the unpermitted occupation.

▶ The Check-out Standard
- The room must be empty.
- Returned key and key tag. Finally, completing to check the submission of the check-out list, and sign the related document. 
- (Photo) Some examples found as the failed check-out in the room inspection after noon of the check-out date

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▣ Check-out Procedure

-Submit Dormitory check-out list(* GLS-Application/Graduation requriements management-Dormitory-Check-out list) → show it to the staff of the Dorm Office when checking out.
(- Items in problem must be repaired in advance by asking the relevant service via the “REPAIR” of QUICK MENU, our dorm homepage.
- In case of unclean state, and loss and damage of furnishings and items, penalty points and deposit deduction apply to you according to the regulation.)
2. Clean your room and take all your belongings out. And turn off a light and air conditioner, close a window, lock the room.
3. Return the card and key, submit the check-out list picture and sign on the list.

- Deduction amount 
Unreturned key : ₩10,000 deducted from the deposit
Unreturned key tag : ₩10,000 deducted from the deposit
Unclean room : ₩10,000 deducted from the deposit and penalty point 2. (by Rule No. 33)
- Even if you are assigned to the same room, you should submit the Check-in list. (possible to skip check-out procedure)
- As your belongings are thrown away in case of being left out due to your carelessness, check all drawers and closets carefully prior to the check-out

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▣ 2019-Summer Vacation Extension Check-in Date 
-After Jul. 13. (Sat) 13:00 (It is availible to check-in after that day.)
-Announcement of room number: Find room no. On GLS ( After 17:00, Jul. 12. (Fri))
-Because there are both check-out and check-in on Jul. 13. (Sat), you can get the room key after 13:00.

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▣ Check-in Procedure

1.After check the room numver on GLS, visit the relevant dorm office to sign the related document after receiving the room key, and key tag. 
3. After arriving at the room, check the condition of items carefully on the check-in list, the GLS. 
4. After completing to fill in the check-in list on the GLS, click the ’Submit’ button▶Until 7/17(Wed) 23:59 
5. It is necessary to submit the check-in list even if residents are assigned same room. (Residents who did not submit it until 7/17(Wed) 23:59 will get the penalty points.)

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▣ Standard of Cleaning

◆ Examples of unclean room for deposit deduction
(The below photos are just for reference, and don’t mean the minimum standard.) 
1. In case of leaving dust, waste, and other belongings in the desk and closet, etc. 

2. In case of leaving garbage without emptying the trash inside the room or room toilet.
3. In case of leaving dust, hair, footpprint, beverage spilt trace, ect. on room floor.

4. [Shin-gwan] In case of having to scrape off the fur formed on the toilet bowl and washstand. (including the red or black strip-shaped contamination.)

5. [Shin-gwan] In case of leaving hair and waste, etc. at the drainage hole of the shower room.

◆ Cases subject to the deposit deduction or extra money charge due to damage and contamination of furnishings and items

1. Stains left on the bed mattress while not reported on the check-in list
2. Damage or loss of part of furniture, such as drawers of the closet or desk 
3. Routers per room, air-conditioner or heater remote controller (Ui-, and Ye-gwans), dustbin, waterproofing mat for female students, and broom and dustpan, etc. The condition of the above provided items is different from the content of the check-in list previously confirmed.
4. Though damage of items was found, they were left out without any request of repair. 

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▣ Box Purchasing and Parcel Service

1. To purchase a box
-Date: Jul.12.(Fri) ~ Jul. 13.(Sat) 11:00~17:00 (Sat.: till 15:00)
-box size: #6 box at post office
-Price: 2,000 won/ea, tape:1,000 won/ea (accept cash only) /
(Only 150 boxes limited!)
-Location: In front of Domino's Pizza of Shin-gwan B building, table tennis room in Ji-gwan B1F
  *Box purchase is in the order of arrival. If there is no remaining, the purchase is not availible.

2. Parcel Registration
-Date: Jul.12.(Fri) ~ Jul.13.(Sat) 11:00~17:00 (Sat.: till 15:00)
-Registration Location: In front of Domino's Pizza of Shin-gwan B building, table tennis room in Ji-gwan B1F
-Shipping charge: 6,000 won/1box (only by collect)
-Procedure: Pack the luggage→Register on CJ Delivery application on site → Print the invoice at the Locaton that you can purchase box → Attach the invoice to the box and store it in the designated place.
-Using Parcel service offers waybill, but you need to purchase a box separately.
-To avoid getting damages, please pack under 20KG per box.
-Please keep your receipt until you confirm that you have received the parcel. We do not take responsibility for loss of receipt.
-In case of missing parcels, guarantee limit is 300,000 won per box. We strongly recommend to send your valuables separately. Also, take a note that box will not be handled with care, therefore, please try not to put fragile items in the box. 

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 ▣ Rent a Cart

1. Rent a L-cart: Information desk of each building
2. Rent a handcart: Shin-gwan A/ In-gwan/ Ji-gwan Info. desk
3. How to rent: Leave your ID card or cell-phone at the rental locations, but just be sure to return it in 90 mins.

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Luggage Room (storage)

1. Purpose: For temporarily keeping luggage which can be picked up in a week in storage.
2. Max. 3 boxes or suitcases per person. Only box or suitcase is available.
3. Time available: 08:00~22:00
4. Storage location: Shin-gwan A storage on B2F/ In-gwan next to Info. desk/ Ji-gwan seminar room on B1F

-Luggage buing left over 7 days will be discared and the dorm is not loable for any damage of corruption of luggage.

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▣ Parking Ticket 

1. Providing period: Jul.11.(Thu) ~ Jul.13.(Sat)
2. Providing location: Information desk at every building (except Ji-gwan)

- One ticket per a car.
- Free ticket need to be submitted to the front gate of the school when you take your car out.
- Max. 4hours

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 ▣ Deposit Refund

1. All refunds take about 3 weeks to be deposited in the bank account which was registered in the admission application after inspecting room and checking key and card.
2. Input/Change a refund account: GLS-Dormitory-Change refund account (you can do ti until check-out date noon)
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