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Deposit Refund (2019-spring semester)
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The dormitory deposit for 2019-spring semester have been refunded as a batch on Jul. 2, 2019. Please do check your bank account.

The deposit for Shin-gwan is 50,000, while for In/Ui/Ye/Ji-gwan it is 30,000.

If the room key or access card were not returned (because for example they have been lost), or if the room was left unclean, then necessary costs have been deducted from the deposit.

The deposit has been sent to the account registered when you applied to stay in the dormitory. If there was an error in the account number or the holder's name, then this will have failed. In this event, please contact the dormitory office to schedule reprocessing.


*Registering and confirming account details

Go to GLSApplication/Graduation Requirement ManagementDormitoryDormitory Info.

(1) Click '2019-spring semester' at the top section of the page.

(2) Select the Payment/Refund Information tab below.

(3) You can check your refund details (bank, account number, amount, and date) at the bottom section.

The processing and details of refunds prior to Spring Semester 2015 may be shown inaccurately in the confirmation system.

In particular, due to differences between the current system and that used in Sin-gwan from 2009 to 2014, details from that period are difficult to verify.

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