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Curfew Extension during Festival Period (2019-Spring)
No : 437 Date : 2019-05-20 Views : 1331

There will be extension of the curfew time for the students who live in dorm during Festival Period . We are supposed to minimize the inconvenience of the students who are absorbed in studying and sleeping till late at night. Thanks for your cooperation.


1. Whom: Shin-gwan/In-gwan/Ye-gwan/Ji-gwan Residents

2. Curfew extension period): May. 22. (Thu) & May. 23. (Fri)   [There is no curfew on Sat.]

3. Curfew extension time
   AM 1:00~05:00 → Change time: AM 2:00 ~ 5:00


4. Others
 - During the period, It is possible to enter the dorm until 02:00 AM with main entrance.
 - Please refrain from making noise in front of the dormitory or violating the dormitory regulations.


5. Inquiry
  ☏ 031-290-5181~6, e-mail:


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