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[Late-night Snack] Fried chicken wins Set (Mar.21)
No : 155 Date : 2019-03-15 Views : 699

"Late-night Snack of Dormitory Cafeteria"

■ Pick-up Time: Mar. 21. (Thu)  PM 6:00 ~ 6:30

■ Menu: Fried chicken WingSet (Including Soda)

■ Apply Date: Mar. 14. (Thu) ~ Mar. 15.(Fri)   (First-come first-served, 100 set limited)

■ Price: 3 meal tickets (Meal plan tickets or Purching tickets by cash/credit card)

 How to use
  ▶Meal plan user
    Step 1. Check if you have more than 3 meal tickets left before apply.
    Step 2. On the apply day, visit the cafeteria office or front of return tray and fill in the applying list (First-come first-served)
    Step 3. 3 meal tickets will be deducted automatically on the pick-up day.
    Step 4. Take your chicken set at the "Corner C" of the cafeteria on the pick-up day.
  ▶Non-meal plan user
    Step 1. On the reservation day, visit the cafeteria office(first-come first-served)
    Step 2. Take your chicken set at the "Corner C" of the cafeteria on the pick-up day.
    Step 3.  -By cash : Buy 3 tickets at the meal ticket vending machine  on the pick-up day.
                 -By credit card : Pay 3 times in front of counter on the pick-up day.
   1. No cancellation after applying.
   2. If you have less than 3 meal tickets, you should pay the rest by cash or credit card .
   3. It has to be only ONE person's 3 meal ticket.

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