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[Notice in English] ★Extension of The Check-out Date of Winter Semester.(Those who want to continue living in the spring semester)(~Feb.08)
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Must read! If you are currently living in a dorm and will be living in a dorm in the spring semseter.

Extension of The Check-out Date of Winter Semester Is :   

 ▶The 2020-winter vacation check-out day is Feb.14th (Sun) and The 2021-spring semseter check-in day is Feb.21st (Sun)(※Feb. 20th for early check-in), However those who don't leave the dorm and wish to continue living until the spring semester check-in day must apply for an extension.

(※ Otherwise, you must check out the dorm by noon on Feb. 14th) 

(※ If you are applying for an extension, be sure to select the check-in date as Feb.20th (Sat) when applying for the spring semseter.)

 ▶6-days extension check-out fee is not included in Winter semester dormitory fee, therefore there will be additional charge for those who apply for it.



1. Eligibility

- All students currently living in dormitory, and having completed the registration of Winter vacation (Winter semester/whole period) residence after its application.

- Students who are unable to check out until noon, the regular check-out date of Winter semester. (Regular check-out date : Feb. 14th, 2021 (Sun))


2. Application and Registration Period :

Jan. 25. (Mon) ~ Feb. 08.(Mon) 

(After Feb.08.(Mon), application for extension is not available!)

[Payment period : Jan.25.(Mon) ~ Feb.08.(Mon). 01:00-23:00]


3. How to apply for and register (pay in) it

(1) During application period access GLS → Application/Graduation Requirements Management → Dormitory → Dorm Info.

(2) From the menu, click “Extention app.” button beside the residence record of Winter Semester, 2020, then check the input content

(3) And next apply for it. At that time, the virtual bank account is immediately issued.

(4) Pay in your dorm fee though this account.

(5) With this, your application and registration are completed


4. How to check the result of your payment

(1) During the application and registration period, access the relevant menu as follows: GLS → Application/Graduation Requirements Management → Dormitory → Dorm Info.

(2) Then, select the residence record of “2020-Winter Semester” Finally, click the below tap“ [payment/refund].”

*연장신청: Extention application

*Statement: "" paid, "아니오" not paid

*우리은행: wooribank


5. Matters to consider

(1) After the payment, it is impossible to cancel the application, or refund the paid money. So, please pay it in after a careful decision.

(2) If you move out earlier than Feb. 20. (Sat) after applying for 6-days extension, there will be no refund.

(3) You may move to another room on Feb.20. (Sat). Check the spring semester room assignment results on GLS.

(4) Warning: Without 6-days extension application and registration, if you still occupy the ex-room after afternoon of Feb. 14. (Sun), you will get the relevant penalty points according to the dorm regulation, and with that, may be prohibited from residing in the dorm.

(5) After Feb.08 (Mon), application for extension is not available!


6. FAQ

(1) Why do I apply for the 6-days extension and pay its fee separately from the vacation or Spring semester dorm fees?

The winter vacation dorm fee is for living until Feb.14th (Sun). And the regular spring semester check-in date is Feb.21st (Sun). If you are currently living in the dorm and want to continue living without leaving the dorm until the spring semester check-in date, you should have to pay a separate fee for the extended day.

(2) How much is dormitory fee per a day?

In-kwan 6,400 won

Ui/Ye/Ji-kwan 6,250 won / (※Ji-kwan 1person 1room 10,000 won)

Shin-kwan 2people 1room 10,950 won / (※ →1person 1room 17,500 won)

Shin-kwan 4people 1room 7,610 won / (※ →2people 1room 11,400 won)

Shin-kwan 4people 4rooms 13,130 won

Shin-kwan 6people 3rooms 10,530 won

Shin-kwan 3people 3rooms 17,250 won

Shin-kwan 1person 1room 21,370 won

(3) At the still "unpaid" state, I want to cancel my application. Please let me know the way.

There is no method for cancellation, but in case of 6-days extension fee not being paid, your application is automatically cancelled (becomes invalid).

(4) How can I print the bills?

Currently printing bills are not available, if needed, please capture the screen or take photo to keep record.


* Inquiries : 

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