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[Notice in English] Winter Semester→ Whole Winter Vacation Residence Period Change (Extension) Application Notice
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Winter Semester→ Whole Winter Vacation Residence Period Change (Extension) Application Notice

1. Eligibility for Application: Among students who applied for ‘Winter semester period’, and currently living in dorm, Students who wish to extend the stay to 'Whole Winter  vacation period' and continuously live in dorm.
★If the capacity is not exceeded, you will be assigned to your current residence. However, if it exceeds, you may be assigned to the dormitory you wrote on your 2-8.

2. Application period: 2020. Dec. 30th.(Wed) 11:00 ~  2021.Jan. 4th.(Mon) 23:00

3. How to apply: GLS → Dorm application (only PC is available)

4. Announcement: 2021.Jan. 6th.(Wed) 11:00

5. Payment period: 2021. Jan. 6th.(Wed) 11:00 ~ Jan. 7th.(Thu) 23:00

6. How to make payment: GLS → Dorm info. Print Invoice → Transfer money

7. Important Notes

(1) There isn't an additional application session once you miss the application and payment due date. Also you must check-out no later than January.09, 2021 12:00(noon).

If you miss the application period, you can apply for wating list after check our your winter vacation room. 
(2) You can check your room number on GLS after January. 08. 17:00.
(3) According to dorm policy, Extension applicants may have to move the room. In that case, you need move to the newly assigned room on Jan. 9.(Sat). Check-out confirmation by the dorm assistant will be starting from 12:00.
  (It is for the efficient operation and energy reduction, moving room is unavoidable.)
(4) When apply for extension, there is a charge of deposit fee again. Winter semester deposit fee will be returned to your account during January.
  But, due to poor cleaning and damage/loss on facilities, deposit can be deducted.


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