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[Notice in English] ☆Open Kitchen Cleaning Day☆
No : Date : 2020-12-14 Views : 559

   Open kitchen Cleaning Day ☆

※ During Cleaning, open kitchen usage is not allowed ※


  Schedule Dec. 22.(Tue). 13:00~15:00 (In-kwan)  

                             Dec. 29.(Tue). 13:00~15:00 (Ui-kwan)


☞  Object : Large refrigerator


※  Notes:

  - Entry is restricted during cleaning time. Please avoid cleaning time.

  - Anything not in the container will be discarded.

  - Make sure to put everything in your container for a clean refrigerator.

  - Responsibility for discard items lies with you for not following the rules.


* Inquires:

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