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[Notice in English] ★General Admission Information for 2020 Spring semester (Modified version)
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Due to the novel coronavirus, dormitory schedule changed.
Please change the date of enter the dorm (03.19 →04.01)

We are recruiting dormitories for the first semester of 2020 as follows.
Be sure to read the attached information carefully before applying for a dormitory (Bongryong).


Remember that Students who do not modify their check-in date by Apr.01(Wed) will be disqualified.

Change application date (postpone) guidance ★

-1st application period: 1/29(Wed) 09:00 to 2/18(Tue) 23:00

-1st  announcement: Feb. 23 (Sun) 10:00.

-1st  payment period: Feb. 23 (Sun) 10:00 ~ Feb. 26 (Wed) 23:00

-2nd application period: 2/27 (Thu) 9:00 to 3/3 23:00

- 2nd announcement: 3/6 (Fri) 10:00

-2nd payment period: 3/6 (Fri) to 3/9 (Mon) 23:00


★ From Mar.19. Foreign students can enter the dormitory after checking their passport or immigration certificate. Students who have visited and transited to China will be allowed to enter the dormitory after 14 days of entering Korea.

(Dormitory cannot provide a place to stay before entering the dormitory and Dormitory fees for 14 days are non-refundable.)




We are opening dormitory residence applications for 2020 Spring Semester as explained below!

The dormitory homepage has detailed information for each campus. Please read the general information on the website carefully before applying.


1.Application Requirements

○ Students who are joining SKKU in 2020 spring semester, and current students can apply. (It is not possible to apply if you have graduated or if you have applied to take a gap year from spring Semester.)

○ Those with penalty points or academic warnings from the previous semester cannot apply.

○ Those who can submit a tuberculosis test (normal or fully cured) dated after Jun. 2019 can apply.


2.Check the information on application and dormitory fee payment periods

(Please check the attach file)


3.Notices on sending money overseas

-If you are planning to transfer money overseas to pay dormitory fees, you need to write an email to dorm office ( In the email, you must writeyour name, student ID number, a scanned image (JPG,.JPEG, PDF file) of receipt that proves you have paid the amount. If you do not send the email during the payment period, your payment will not be admitted even if you do transfer the money on time.

 -You should plan ahead of time to make money transfer considering the time it may take to process the overseas transaction.


4.The GLS application procedure

Guidance for Dormitory Application on GLS (☜Click here)

(If you cannot contact this link, please download attached file.)

-This includes answers for frequently asked questions.


* Because of a high volume of inquiries, it may be difficult to get through by phone. General information based on phone inquiries we have frequently received, and information to assist with admission have been added to the general information and the admission help files, so please read the attached files thoroughly.

-If you write any questions you may have in the Q&A section of the homepage, we will answer them.

*The deadline for admission applications is during a weekend, and though you may experience difficulties while applying, it is difficult to reply to queries over the weekend. You are therefore advised to submit your application during weekdays.

* Allocation of places in the dormitory is not on a first-come first-served basis, so just be sure to apply before the deadline.

* If you're having troubles going through the links above, please download the attached files.



Q: I don't have Korean account number and cell phone number. How should I fill the blank when I apply?

A: You can just put any number in the blank and go to the next step. You can change your information on GLS later. Please change the information after you come to Korea.

Q: My computer doesn't work well with SKKU online system.

A: For Mac computers, it may not work well. The best condition for GLS(SKKU online system) is Windows and internet explorer browser. If it still doesn't work with these condition, please try with another computer.

Q: I have the account number to send money, but I need more information to transfer money from outside the Korea.

A: Below is the official information of Woori bank.

- Bank: Woori Bank
- Adress: 203, Heohyudong 1-Ga, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- Bank Code: 020

Q: How can you know that I sent the money if I don't write my name as a sender?

A: The account number you have is only for you. If you send the money to that account, the money will automatically be matched with your information.

Q: Can't I pay the dormitory fee with credit card? Isn't there any other method to send money other than transferring?

A: Paying with credit card is impossible. You can only pay with the account transferring. When you send the money, please send enough money to cover all commissions. If it's overpaid, the overpaid amount will be refunded after you come to Korea. So please pay enough. Also after you pay, please send the receipt to dormitory email address ( so that we can know that you have paid and the money is on transferring.

Q: I cannot choose the current address and complete the form because my laptop has not Korean keyboard. What can I do?

A: Drag and copy this Korean letter, " 서부로 2066 ", and paste it to the blank.

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