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[Notice in English] Toilet./Shower room Cleaning in Shin-gwan
No : Date : 2019-12-09 Views : 770

In Shin-gwan A,B building, There will be cleaning of all toilets and shower in every room.

During the cleaning period, Cleaning staff will visit every room. Please cooperate when they visit.



Shin-gwan A

2019.12.16.(Mon) : 1~3F  10:00 ~18:00

2019.12.17.(Tue) : 4~7F  10:00 ~18:00

2019.12.18.(Wed) : 8~10F  10:00 ~18:00

Shin-gwan B

2019.12.23.(Mon): 1~5F  8:30  ~ 17:30

2019.12.24.(Tue): 6~9F  8:30  ~ 17:30

2019.12.26.(Thu): 10~15F  8:30  ~ 17:30

*In case, schedule may be changed.



1. Cleaning will be done by the specialized company, please note that women staff can come into men's residence while process.

2. We will have every staffs trained to knock before they go into each room and lock the door after cleaning.

3. Stuffs in cleaning area can be moved.  Please understand even if it is not in that place.

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