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[Notice in English] 2019 Spring Semester Dormitory Hobby Class Lecture Evaluation
No : Date : 2019-05-09 Views : 477

<2019 Spring Semester Dormitory Hobby Class Lecture Evaluation>


This evaluation is for hobby class's improvement.

Please answer the questions sincerely.

Also we notice once again about the refund.


1. Lecture Evaluation Submitting Period


May 9, 2019 (Thu)~ May 17, 2019  (Fri) 13:00


2. How to Submit the Evaluation


Click the link below and answer the google survey:

Click here to submit the evaluation 


3. Objects of Refund.

① Attendance rate more than 75%(more than 6 times among 8 times)

② Submit the lecture evaluation in time.

③ You will get 20,000won  refund.

※ Being late/Leaving early less than 10min is 1/2 attendance, more than 10min will not be accepted as attendance.


4. About Refund


After the lecture evaluation finish, refund will be proceeded and it takes 3~4 weeks.

It will be refunded to the account that you filled in when you apply for hobby classes. Please check the account once again.


※ Inquire: 031-290-5182

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