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[Notice in English] Routine Elevator Inspection for May
No : Date : 2019-05-08 Views : 343

The regular inspection of the elevators will take place as follows according to Article 13, Paragraph 1 and Article 13-2 Paragraph 1 of the Elevator Facility Safety Management Act, and Article 15 of the corresponding enforcement regulation. During this time, they will be temporarily out of service.

◇ Times: May. 13.(Mon) ~ 14.(Tue), 2019 10:00~16:00
◇ Location: Shin-gwan A&B, Ye-gwan, Ji-gwan
◇ Inspection Company: Otis Elevator
◇ Required Time: About one hour for each elevator

◇ Notes

1) If either "점검 중“(namely, under inspection in Korean) or nothing is shown on the floor display panel of the elevator, please move up or down to another floor to use the elevator.

2) During the inspection, unexpectedly occurred problems can extend the required time longer than expected

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