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Safe Dorm Life

봉룡학사 | 안전한 기숙사 생활 게시글의 상세 화면
[SKKU Housing Office] Fire safety education materials for international students
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Fire safety education videos

Fire safety film of University of Glasgow:

How to use a fire extinguisher:

How to use an indoor fire hydrant:


Fire safety education material(Printable word file attached to this post)

1. How to use an indoor fire hydrant
1) Open a hydrant box and take the nozzle to get the hose out of the box.
2) Turn on the valve by turning it counter-clockwise.
3) hold the nozzle with two hands and spread out the hose to extinguish the fire.
4) When the fire is put out, turn off the valve and keep them back in the hydrant box after completely drying it.


2. How to use a fire extinguisher
1) Take a fire extinguisher to the place of fire.
2) Break a plastic seal and pull the safety pin from the handle.
3) Stand against the direction of the wind and aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
4) Hold the handle tight and discharge the agent in sweeping motion.


3. Actions to take in a fire emergency
○If a fire breaks out, push the fire alarm and call 119.
○Shut the door after you escape from your room, and shut open doors on the way out if you see any.
○When you have to go through a place filled with fumes, lower yourself as much as possible.
○Before opening a door, check the temperature of it with the back of your hand. Do not open it if it is hot and take another escape route.
○If you made your way out of the building, find a safe place and make sure everyone has escaped.
○Call 119 and tell the exact location if a cell phone is available.
○Do not take the elevator.
○If you cannot escape through the door, wait for the rescue team in a room with a window that opens. Make a tent of wet curtain at the window. Do not build the tent if smoke is billowing into the room. Hold or attach one side of the curtain to the window and allow the other side to fall behind you, so you are protected from smoke and are breathing in the fresh air. The towels should help to cool the air and make it easier to breathe.
○Designate a helper for a person who cannot escape alone due to an injury or disability.


4. Emergency Number
- 119(No area code): Medical Direct Seoul
119 Medical Direct Seoul is staffed with nurses and medical professional s with access to back up support of medical doctors 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. This is a free public service to help foreigners with translation and medical consultation, making it easier for them to get proper treatment.
○Available services
- Guiding a patient to an appropriate health care provider and level of care
- Providing clients with information concerning hospitals, free clinics/ the hospitals and pharmacies including those that are also open during holidays
- Medical translation by phone at the pharmacies and hospitals
- Disease counseling(on acute or chronic illnesses, common disorders and medical emergencies) and first-aid guide
- Dispatching of an ambulance and paramedics when necessary
- Responding to calls about fire, rescue and medical emergencies.
○How to use
- Landline & Cell phone: press 119 only(NO area code)
- Payphone: press the red emergency button then dial 119
○A note for efficient use
- Explain your location exactly for the ambulance service.
- Be sure to learn how to read the Korean address correctly(Ex. OO Gu, OO Dong, OO Street/ Apt. No.).
- Provide patient’s condition accurately for first-aid instructions and disease consultations.

MDS website:

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