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Safe Dorm Life

봉룡학사 | 안전한 기숙사 생활 게시글의 상세 화면
Self-reporting System of Sleep Out
분류 : notice in english 번호 : 등록일 : 2017-11-13 조회수 : 3026

 Self-reporting system of sleep out


      For safety check and quick response in case of personal problem of residents,our dormitory implements self-reporting system of sleep out.

    1. What is self-reporting system of sleep out?

         It is a system that if any students living in our dormitory have a plan for sleeping out more than 5 days,
         they should submit the plan of sleeping out(a schedule and contact address) for oneself.


    2. Why we operate a self-reporting system?

         For prompt response to safety issues, we check a contact address of students who do not enter the

         dormitory for more than 5 days.

         It is not for the control of the students but for the safety.


     3. How to self-report sleep out

          a. GLS - Application/Graduation Reqirements Management - Dormitory - Register Sleep Out

          b. enter a entry tag key number
          c. enter period, place, country, reason of stay
              1) Period : departure~arrival
              2) Country : choose overseas/domestic,if in case of overseas stay, please also enter a country
              3) Reason : choose trip/attending the conference/visit home/etc, if in case of choosing, etc,

                                 please  enter other reasons
          d. enter a contact number
          e. click [save] and [search] to confirm it at the list
          f. how edit and cancel

             - Before sleep out period

               Change: click corresponding history[v] and [edit], and [save] after chaging the contents.

               Delete: click corresponding history[v] and [del]

             - After sleep out period

               Change: make additional for changed schedule and [save]

               Delete: notify to managing office directly

     4. Etc.

           a. you should accurately enter a contact number and entry tag key number
           b. you do not have to report if holidays are less than 5 days
           c. you can leave your key and entry tag card to the security office

봉룡학사 | 안전한 기숙사 생활 게시판의 이전글 다음글
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