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봉룡학사(영문) | FAQ 게시판
Q [Life] How can I register my bicycle?
Q [Life] What kind of electrical appliances are allowed?
Q [Life] How can I store Oriental medicine?
Q [Life] If I lose my key or access card, how can I apply for a new one?
Q [Life] What should I do in the event of an emergency?
Q [Life] Can Korean students use the self-catering kitchens?
Q [Life] Whom shall I contact if there is a problem with the communal printers installed in each building?
Q [Life] How long can I store my luggage when leaving?
Q [Life] How can I join Shin-gwan's fitness centre?
Q [Life] How can I clean the drain in the shower or washbasin in Shin-gwan?
Q [Life] How can I prevent toilets in Shin-gwan from becoming blocked and what should I do if they do?
Q [Life] What should I know before using the coin-operated dryer?
Q [Life] When can sheet covers be changed and how can I get them?
Q [Life] How can I ask for a bin, brush and shovel?
Q [Life] How can I submit my chest x-ray result?
Q [Life] Problems with in-room internet/routers
Q [Cafeteria] Can I lend my student i.d. card or mobile i.d. card to anyone?
Q [Cafeteria] Is there a limit on the use of meal tickets in one day?
Q [Cafeteria] How can I check my number of remaining meal tickets?
Q [Cafeteria] When can I use discounted meal tickets?
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