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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
★General Admission Information for 2022 Summer vacation semester(Shin B / Ji-kwan)
No : Date : 2022-05-04 Views : 1064

We are opening dormitory residence applications for 2022 Summer Vacation as explained below!


You can apply to one of two residential periods that Bongryonghaksa operates.

[1] The whole Summer vacation : Jun. 04. (Sat) - Aug. 20. (Sat) [77 days]
[2] The Summer semester : Jun. 04. (Sat) - Jun. 24. (Fri) [21 days]

*Shin-A, In/Ui/Ye-kwan closed

※ It will not open for the following reasons. (Reduction of the number of users, maintenance,  facility inspection, and intensive disinfection.)

※ If you have entered Korea from abroad,you can enter the regular dormitory after finishing your Self-Quarantine.

(Except for those who are exempt from quarantine.)

Please check detail information about quarantine

 Click Here 

* If you apply for Summer semester and extend to whole Summer vacation later, you need to move room then. If there is no vacancy, it may be restricted.

* It is possible to apply for the Summer vacation dorm without applying the Summer semester classes.

* Those who did receive an academic warning in the previous semester and who supposed on gap-year can apply.

* The detailed application and residential schedule is in the attached general information.


★Application date★

- 1st application date : May. 10.(Tue) 11:00 ~ May. 16.(Mon) 23:00
- 1st annoucement : May.20.(Fri) 11:00
- 1st payment : May.20.(Fri) ~ May.23.(Mon) 23:00



Please make a number in Korea and enter the number in GLS.  In the Corona 19 situation, we must thoroughly check your personal information. So we need your Korean mobile number to contact you. (If you don't have your own korean mobile number, you must write down the number we can contact you in Korea.)

Dormitory cafeteria will be closed during Summer vacation.

-Those who wish to live in the dormitory for the Summer vacation semester of 2022 must be tested for COVID-19 at a nearby hospital or public health center and then bring the required documents on the check-in day of their choice.



Q. I wanted to apply for the whole summer vacation, but I mistakenly only applied for the Summer semester (or vice-versa). We are still in the application period. How can I change my application?
A. You cannot apply for both the whole Summer vacation and the summer semester, so you have to cancel your first application and re-apply for the correct period. In the application menu, select "List of applications" and click "Modify application". Click the "Cancel application" button in the bottom right. Then on the application schedule you should re-apply by choosing the correct period and clicking "Apply for admission".

Q. I missed the first application period. What should I do?
A. There is a second application period. For a detailed schedule, please check the attached general information.

Q. Which semester's grades are used for selection during the vacation?
A. We only consider your most recent scores (usually Fall semester, 2021). However, summer and winter semester grades are not considered. When you apply, the "Check personal information" tab will display your previous semester's grades. You can re-check this in the application window.

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