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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] Registration for usage of facilities (Refrigerator, Bicycle, Motorcycle) (2023-Spring)(amend on Feb 17th 2023)
번호 : 등록일 : 2023-02-06 조회수 : 4598

We are running a registration system for Bicycle, motorcycle and refrigerator in order to use the limited area of the dormitory efficiently.

※ Modifying for the electric scooter (2022.11.21) 

Regarding electric scooter, We allowed to keep it at room on condition of not charging it. But we found some student charged their electric scooter. So, from now on, we will revise our polity not only to charge but also not to keep it in the room. This is for prevention for fire. Please cooperate. 

Since it is able to use a refrigerator in the room now, students in need of a refrigerator should read the following information below, in order to use the refrigerator in the right way.

Bicycles’ and motorcycles’ registration is to prevent the parking space from overloading. Please corporate with us.

 Dorm office will send the mobile message to student who is accepted from Feb. 27th. 

1. Registration of the refrigerator.
◆  Refrigerator rental or purchasing is not serviced by dormitory office.
Contact rental service agency.  >>

※You do not need to register the refrigerator rented by DOMINI.

  For : dormitory residence who is willing to use a mini fridge which is less than 50L.
  Application Steps : Verification of the fridge > Register on GLS > Confirmation from the dorm office > Attach Verification sticker and use (Students using blue, yellow or green sticker should register again. / Only red sticker is available for 2023-Spring semester.)
(1)   Only less than 50L is usable
(Manufactureing before 2021, limited to energy efficiency grade 1/2. Manufacturing After 2021, Energy efficiency grade 4 is acceptable. ), and refrigerators whose manufacturing date is more than 10 years old cannot be used. When submitting the application, the size of the fridge should be mentioned. (*Example : Fridge 45L SamsungA12345)

(2)   After registration, if any items violating the dormitory rules (liquor etc.) are stored, registration will be cancelled and will be given penalty points.
(3)   The fridge should be maintained well, if the fridge is considered unhygienic during a room check, registration will be cancelled and will be given penalty points.
(4)   The applicant should try his/her best to prevent disturbing the roommate because of the fridge. If any conflict between the roommate is not solved well, usage of the fridge might be reconsidered.
(5)   Unauthorized transfer of the verification sticker will result in cancellation of registration.
◆   Usage after registration : One semester including vacation (Application date ~ February 25 / Application date ~ August 25)
- For example, even if registered on Feb. 10, it will still be available until Feb. 25 and must be 
re-register per semester.

2.   Bicycle and motorcycle registration.
  For : All dormitory residence using the bicycle parking lot
(Students who have blue tag or yellow tag need to register again / Green tag or red tag is available)
◆  Application Steps : Find the bicycle ID no. > Register on GLS > Confirmation from the Dorm Office > Receive identification tag and attach on the bicycle
◆  Caution : You should enter the bicycle ID no. and the identification tag can be received from the dorm office located in Shin-kwan A within a week.
◆  Usage after registration : Maximum 1 year. (re-register every year)
- For example, even if registered on May. 1 of the year, it will be available until Feb. 25 of the next year and must be re-register every year.

◆  How to find the bicycle ID no. :
The bicycle ID no. is a serial number uniquely engraved on the surface of every bicycle to cope with the accident such as its loss or theft. Largely, it is inscribed in the body part, below the handle or on the linking part between the body part and the pedal crank. It is usually a 10-digit number, alphabets or both.
*In case of a motorcycle, it is necessary to find the license 
plate or the ID no.


3. Steps for GLS Registration
①  GLS > Application/Graduation Requirements Management > Dormitory > Application of facility usage

②  Click Add
③  Agree to rules and conditions
Rules differ from facilities to facilities, please read and agree.
④  Choose the facility category
   *Bicycle, Motorcycle or Electronics (Refrigerator, Rice cooker) / *
We receive open kitchen application by only online link not through the GLS. Please check the notice of the dorm website.
⑤  Bicycle : ID no.
Motorcycle : Vehicle no.
Refrigerator : Capacity/Model
   *Example : Fridge 45L SamsungA12345
⑥ Click Save
⑦ Receive the mobile message for confirmation from the dormitory office and receive sticker.
⑧ Check Sticker and attach on the Registration Item.

4. Mutual Cautions
-Facility users should re apply after the usage period.
-Items without the confirmation sticker will be restricted from usage or 

-If you do not follow this, you will get the penalty points. 
-When applying, if no model no., vehicle no. is mentioned in the application, the application will be denied.

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