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[Notice in English] Mandatory Submission of Test Results(2022-Summer Vacation)
번호 : 등록일 : 2022-05-25 조회수 : 470

1. Mandatory submission of COVID-19 test Results

■ All 2022-Summer Vacation residents MUST submit COVID-19 PCR or RAT test result sheet that is examined within 7 days before your actual check-in date.

■ You will get the test results in 24 hours after inspection by text message then captured and printed it. Write down [your Student number/Dormitory name] on the top of paper and submitted to the security office when you check in.

■ Unable to check in SKKU dorm if your test result paper is not submitted.

■ Refer to the additional announcement on dormitory homepage, Notice, for further more detailed information.

■ If you get COVID-19 before check-in the dormitory, you can enter the dormitory after being released from quarantine. You should submit the confirmation document of release from isolation instead of COVID-19 test results.

In the case of a person who has been infected with COVID-19 (90 days prior to the check-in date of release from quarantine), a notice of quarantine (or notice of release) can be submitted in replace of a negative result

In the case of a person who has been infected with COVID-19 (90 days after the check-in date of release from quarantine), PCR or rapid antigen test negative results must be submitted. However, if the test results are positive, both quarantine notices (or notice of release) and test results must be submitted.


    ● Required to submit a ‘Negative’ result sheet(copy of text message-Requires phone number and reception date) for RAT or PCR tests

          received within 7 days based on check-in 

● Check-in is absolutely impossible if the test result sheet(copy of text message) is not submitted.

● Check-in is absolutely impossible for ‘Positive’ results.

● If a result sheet(copy of text message) that is not yours is submitted or falsely manipulated, all responsibility lies with you and may be punished by school regulations.

● Refer to the contents of the COVID-19 test center (operating hours) and medical expenses by region (own expense)


2. Rules Regarding Submission of Tuberculosis Test Results






- Not once submit tuberculosis check-up.
- Students who had medical check-up before on Apr. 2022
- Students who do not submit check-up result cannot enter dormitory.


- During Apr. 2022~Jun. 2022 students who did check   up individually and have the record of submission.
- Students who have lived in the dorm from spring semester to summer vacation continuously.
- No additional submission But, Students who changed student ID number after submission check in operating office.

 It is possible to check the valid semester(year/month) of your individual Tuberculosis check-up result on GLS directly – You should check whether you are a [required] or [exempted] in case you are a consecutive dormitory resident.

■ Students must check again. Only 'no abnormalities' result with clearly-written name, gender, birth date, check date is admitted.

■ Tuberculosis can usually be diagnosed by chest X-ray, so just visit a public health center, internal medicine clinic, or hospital equipped with an X-ray machine.

■ Submission of Check-up result: Visit each dormitory’s security office.
■ A copy of TB test or a written sheet by other languages can be submitted and is necessary.

■ SKKU dormitory confirms only your result of 'TB Test' and does not require any other examinations.

▶Tuberculosis Hospital Click Here◀


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