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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] Switch of cooling and heating (2019-fall)
번호 : 1938 등록일 : 2019-10-01 조회수 : 788

The switch of  heating and cooling will be done like below. For a few days, both of them will be stopped for switching procedure.

 For students who want to use a fan, they can borrow a fan from information desk.


1. Schedule for Stopping the air conditioning and Starting  the heating

Stop cooling:  Oct.13. (Sun) 18:00

Start heating : Oct.14. (Mon) ~

  *3 to 5 days after the start of heating supply is the testing period. During this period, the heater might be stopped or worked not properly. Please understand it.


2. Heating Supply Time
 - 20:00 ~ nextday 07:00

 - The supply time can be changed by the temperature outside.


3. Change to heating with Remote Control

- Ui/Ye-gwan students must change their remote control as Heating mode. If you use other modes, the machine would not work properly and occur errors not only your room but also neighboring rooms. 

-Shin-gwan students must change their remote control from 'Cooling mode(snow flake shape)' to Heating mode(wave shape)’ .


4. Notice

        - Please understand that there may be some delay in cooler/heater maintenance during check up period and pre-operation period.
 - Please note that even though the morning and daytime temperature are different, you cannot switch the mode. (heating or cooling).
  - If any problem occur due to the switch of cooling/heating, please use repair service on the dormitory homepage.



Q. Why can't I use cooler in the afternoon and heater at night?

A. The cooling/heating machine which the dormitory use is not like a machine at normal house. The machine is controlled separately for each buildings, and there are huge central supply equipments. Cold/Warm wind is provided through these equipments to every room. Therefore, it is impossible to provide warm wind for some rooms and cold wind for the other rooms concurrently.

Sometimes students ask about changing heater/cooler from morning to night.

However, the central controling equipment has very complicated and sensitive system. The frequent chaning may occur problems, so that it become impossible for whole building to provide heater/cooler.

To ease this problem, dormitory has a few days of pre-operation or stopping operation period.

▼Pipes and pumps of Shin-gwan central controlling equipment

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