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[Notice in English] 2019-fall Application for Meal Plan Change (For residents)
번호 : 1926 등록일 : 2019-09-03 조회수 : 1043

As shown below, application for the change of meal plan is currently available in order to help dorm residents use meal coupons more conveniently.

1) After having used cafeteria for a certain period, some dorm residents want to change their initial meal plan that they chose when applying for dorm residence to more/less meals or refund. Now those residents can change their initial meal plan through this system.

2) After this period for meal plan change, no refund is allowed regarding unused meal coupons (it is allowed once early in every regular semester).

3) In case of refund, all remaining meal coupons belonging to the period from the date when your meal plan has been changed until Aug.16., namely the deadline of change application are cancelled regardless of usage.


■ Who can apply for it: Students who want to change their original meal plan as dorm residents of 2019 fall semester. (Application period for non-residents are different so please refer the notice for that.)

Meal plan change application&payment period: Sep.6. (Fri) ~ Sep. 16. (Mon). 13:00

Application method: GLS log-in ▶Application/Graduation Requirements Management ▶ Dormitory ▶ Change of meal plan

■ Beginning date when changed meal plan is applied: From breakfast Sep.17. (Tue)


■ Calculation method of the amount when meal plan is changed.

(1) Refund: In case of the decrease of average daily meal coupon quantity.

( Guardian of students who apply refund will get notice that you've get refund)

*. As our procession of refund takes three weeks to the max, the refunded money will be deposited in your refund bank account.

(Example1) 2 meals → 1 meal (decrease)

2 meals × 109 days (whole days of fall semester) × ₩2,900 = ₩632,200 [already paid amount]

-) 2 meals × 14 days (9/1~9/16) × ₩3,500 = ₩98,000[deduction]

-) 1 meal × 95 days (9/17~12/21 breakfast) × ₩3,500 = ₩332,500[changed meal fee]


                                                                                   ₩201,700 [refund amount]

(Example2) 2 meals → 0 meal

2 meals × 109 days (whole days of fall semester) × ₩2,900 = ₩632,200 [already paid amount]

-) 2 meals × 14 days (9/1~9/16) × ₩4,000 = ₩112,000 [deduction]


                                                                                  ₩520,200[refund amount]

All meal coupons already applied have been cancelled regardless of usage, and, with it, changed meal plan is implemented. Provided that in case of having used meals over the quantity of meal coupon belonging to 9/1~9/16, the additional deduction is calculated by multiplying the excess quantity to ₩4,000.


※Meal ticket number that will deducted after meal plan change period for student who apply to change.
(It means meal ticket number that student can use during the meal plan change period)

Option which you chosen













(2) Additional payment:

In case of increasing the average daily meal coupon quantity, the difference of the amount of changed meal plan and the amount of original meal plan should be paid additionally. The remaining meal coupon quantity is given after deducting the used quantity from the total applied quantity.

If additional amount is not paid until Sep.16.(Mon) 13:00, your application will be invalidated, and there will be no change of your meal plan.

(Example1) 1 meal → 2 meals

2 meals × 109 days (whole days of fall semester) × ₩2,900 = ₩632,200[changed payment]

-) 1 meal × 109 days (whole days of fall semester) × ₩3,500 = ₩381,500 [already paid amount]


                                                                                                    ₩250,700 [Additional amount]

(Example2) 0 meal (no application) → 1 meal

1 meal × 95 days (9/16~12/21) × ₩3,500 = 332,500 [additional amount]


***Click here to check how many meal tickets left->

* You can see the detailed amount of refund money on attached file.

* This announcement is only for dormitory residences.

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