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봉룡학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
[Notice in English] Fire drill and education (2019-fall semester)
번호 : 1925 등록일 : 2019-09-03 조회수 : 1240

2019 fall semester Fire Drill will be carried out as below. Every dorm residences should participate at least once.


You can choose one among drill or education and check your attendance.

If you don’t come, you will get 2 points of penalty in accordance with dormitory regulations. Students who attended last semester (2019-spring semester) don't need to attent. All students who didn't live dorm or didn't attend in last semester have to attent.


1. Fire Drill

■ Date: 2019. 9. 17.(Tue) 19:00

The time required: within 40 min. 

Location of attendance check (After the education)

-In/Ui/Ye gwan: vacant lot in front of Ui-gwan
-Ji-gwan: in front of 1F lobby
-Shin-gwan: the street in front of Shin-gwan A


1) Check emergency exit route from your room and how to evacuate.

2) Stay in each room before 5 minutes to 7 o'clock.
    -During drill, the elevator will be stop in advance, so upper floor residents need to stay in the room earlier.
    -During drill, it is impossible to enter the dormitory.

3) When the fire alarm ring, cover nose and mouth with wet towel and run out from your room. (When you evacuate, keep your cell phone(or ID card) and room key)

4) Gather to the evacuation spot check your attendance. If you do the fire dirll as well, dorm office will check your attendance with mobile app or student ID card.


■How to check attandance

 1)Smartphone-download "SKKU Attendance" APP - check the attandance
 2)check the attandance with student ID card or mobile ID card(KINGO-M)  

※Notes: Only students who actually ecavuat from the building and gather at the point are admitted to attend. No admittance when you join outside.


2. Alternative education in case of absence.

Students who came to education as blow are not mandatory to participate this Fire Drill

Fire Safety Education

- Date: 2019. 9. 18.(Wed) 17:00  (entry restriction after 17:05)
- Location: Auditorium of Shin-gwan B, B1F

Freshmen Orientation in Korean

- Date: 9. 4.(Wed) 17:00 (entry restriction after 17:15)
- Location :Auditorium of Shin-gwan B, B1F

  Freshmen Orientation in English

- Date: 9. 5.(Thu) 17:00 (entry restriction after 17:05)
- Location : Auditorium of Shin-gwan B, B1F


3. Justifiable reasons for not participating.

If you can’t come above 5 chance at all due to justifiable reasons, you should turn in the related papers.

  Due date: 9.4.(Wed) ~ 9.18.(Wed) 09:00~12:00 , 13:00~17:00 

 How to submit: Bring the paper to the dorm office in person.(Shin-gwan A) (Email and Fax is not available)

  Justifiable reasons and related papers

1) Class time table (Should be printed on GLS)
2) Certification of hospitalization
3) Confirmation sheet of overseas stay 

There is no more justifiable reason except stated reasons.
Reasons should include every drill and education schedule.

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