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[Notice in English] 2019-Fall Semester Check-in Information(+TB test/Tips)
번호 : 1905 등록일 : 2019-08-09 조회수 : 1395

-Table of Contents- 

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2019-Fall Check-in Date

Check-in Procedure

Rent a Cart

Parking Ticket

Dorm facilities

Individual Preparation items


Things that are good to have



 2019-Fall Check-in Date

-Chosen date after Aug. 30. (Fri) 13:00 (It is availible to check-in after that day.)

-Announcement of room number: Find room no. On GLS ( After 17:00, Aug. 29. (Thu))

-Because there are both check-out and check-in on Aug. 30. (Fri), you can get the room key after 13:00.

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■ Check-in procedure

1.After check the room number on GLS, visit the relevant dorm office to sign the related document after receiving the room key, and key tag.

3. After arriving at the room, check the condition of items carefully on the check-in list, the GLS.

4. After completing to fill in the check-in list on the GLS, click the ’Submit’ button (deadline : Sep.9.(Mon) 23:59, 2019)

※ It is necessary to submit the check-in list even if residents are assigned same room. (Residents who did not submit it will get the penalty points.)

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■ Submitting the TB TEST RESULT

1. You must submit a tuberculosis screening result. (check-up after December, 2018) on the day you enter the dormitory. (Because it is a problem related to infectious disease, it is not possible to enter the dormitory when it is not submitted

In the case of a public health center, it may take 3 ~ 10 days before the result of the examination, and the hospital or public health center will not operate it on weekends. Therefore, the applicant should check the chosen check-in date and receive the results. Until the results of the examination are available, you will not be able to enter the dormitory.


How to check if the applicant is required for the examination

GLS> Dormitory Information> 2019 Select the Fall semester> Confirmation of the date of tuberculosis screening

- If one of the individual examinations or the on-campus examination is after Dec. 2018 -> do not need to submit
- Required if all is blank or is before Dec. 2018 -> Mandatory to submit


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■ Parking ticket

1. Providing period: Aug.28.(Wed) ~ Sep.2.(Mon)

2. Providing location: Information desk at every building (except Ji-gwan)


- One ticket per a car.

- Free ticket need to be submitted to the front gate of the school when you take your car out.

- Max. 4hours

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Rent a cart

1. Rent a L-cart: Shin-gwan A storage on B2F/ Shin-gwan B #5 Seminar room on B1F/ In,Ui,Ye-gwan Info. desk/ Ji-gwan Seminar room on B1F

2. Rent a handcart: Shin-gwan A/ In-gwan/ Ji-gwan Info. desk

3. How to rent: Leave your ID card at the rental locations, but just be sure to return it in 90 mins.


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■ Dorm facilities

- In the room: Bed, desk, chair, closet, air conditioner, internet wifi / wireless router, broom & dustpan, trash bin

- Common: Toilets / showers (New rooms are furnished with single beds, single rooms with private rooms), Laundry room (washing machine, coin dryers), microwave oven

- Pictures of the room and facilities are available on the website.

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■ Individual preparation items

- Personal Emergency Medicine: Emergency medicine such as headache medicine (pain-killer), digestive, band-aid, wound ointment is a necessity.

- Bedding: pillow, quilt, mattress cover (bed sheet)

- It is recommended to use mattress cover which is covered with rubber band around the bed sheet to the back of the mat !! (Because it is a bed that is used by many people, it is better to use it completely covered)

- All dormitory bed mattress size: Common 100cm * 200cm


- Desk stand: not the bed table one but light for desk! (It is etiquette for your roommate.)

- Towel: As much as possible (You might get busy and often do not do laundry)

- Hanger: We recommand the thinner hanger.


- Personal PC or Laptop (Do not use a mechanical keyboard)

- Printer is not recommended !! There is not enough space to store the printer and also it causes noise.

Public printer is located on the first floor (or basement 1 floor) of each dormitory building, and it is also all over the campus (paid but not expensive)


- Personal bath supplies and baskets: detergents and toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, and of course, individual preparation!

- It is recommended to use it in a basket that is well drained.

- For Shin-gwan usually 2 ~ 6 people use the bathroom, so it is necessary to keep things from mixing and because the shower room is so narrow that it is difficult to keep them there.


- Laundry basket: Because the washing machine is far away from the room, We recommend a light laundary bag to make it easier to move laundry. 

 - Liquid Laundry Detergent: We have an all-round washing machine, but it is used by many people and the powder detergent is the main cause of washing machine pollution. Please prepare liquid detergent! (Of course, you can also use a tissue / disposable tubular detergent, but you should throw it away after washing!)


- (Noiseless) Slippers

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■ Tip


- Toilet paper: It is also a good idea to buy a roll toilet paper for your.

- Foot towel or foot mat: However, you can use it with your roommate.

- Laundry Closet: There is not room to open too much. It is also easy to purchase from a dormitory store or a nearby mart.

- Slippers for bathrooms.


- Simplified shoeboxes: There is no shoe-storage in the room so that allows you to wear shoes even in the room.

- You have to bring a bath slipper.

There is a fixed laundry hanger in the room.

Because the toilet is shared, toilet paper is not required.

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■ Things that are good to have

- Carriers (recommended for carry-on size): There is no place to store large size. When it comes to the size of the carry-on, if you go to your home, you can put some seasonal clothes on it and if you bring it back, you can keep it in the closet. In addition, there is no wardrobe or drawer with a lock in the room, but it is also possible to put valuables that you inevitably carry in your carrier and keep it locked.


- Wet Tissue: When you clean a small room, you can easily clean it with a few wet tissues without using a mop.

- Less than 50 liters Refrigerator: There is no fridge in the room, so you have to prepare individually.

- Bed antimicrobial (mite) sheet, fiber deodorant

- Clothes / Quilt Compressed Pack: It is not necessary immediately, but you can store your clothes or blanket that you often do not have enough storage space by using the compression pack.

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