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명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
2023 Summer vacation Check in Guidance
No : Date : 2023-06-05 Views : 727

※ To prevent COVID-19 infection, please wear a mask(encourage). Only dorm residents can visit the dorm. (Family and friends can't visit in the dorm)

※ Please check the room number at 17 pm on Friday June 9th  then entering the room on the check-in date.

※ Room number confirmation is available on GLS.
◆ The Check-in Date
 ※ Saturday June 10th 2023 :  E/K-House (15:00~22:00) 
 ※ You can't get a refund of your no-show days. 
◆ Check-in procedure and check point
1.  When ariving, visit the information desk or security office to sign the check-in list, register fingerprints, submit  tuberculosis examination result.
 ※ To follow the disease prevention rules required in common life, please submit the result of TB test before check-in.
※ Submit TB test exception: Student who are the continuous resident from 2023-Spring Semester.
2.  Please check the equipment condition in your room thoroughly.
3.  Do not change the password of the room before your roommates come into the room. 
◆ Renting the cart
◇ We lend L type cart 
◇ Place: Eech dorm's security office.
◇ The way to rent: After deposit your ID Card or Cell phone, write down the name on the rent-list.
◇ Time: ~22:00 (You must return in 15 minutes)
◇ Lose/Breakage: The lender got responsibility for loss
◆ Parking
◇ C/E/G/I/K/M- House : Park each dorm's parking lot 
◇ If you park in the SKKU, you should pay extra parking fee.  
◆ Package delivery
◇ After announcing the room number, write down the address and room number and name on the parcel and then sent it to the dorm.
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