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명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시글의 상세 화면
2023 Spring Semester Check-out Guidance
No : Date : 2023-05-30 Views : 725

◆ To prevent COVID-19 infection, No admittance to outsiders on the check-out date.

◆ The Check-out Date

1. [C/E/G/I/K/M-House] : Until noon on Saturday, June 10th, 2023

- You can leave the dorm before the reguler check out date if you want. We would recommended not to check out at late night due to any inconvenience such as noise problem, etc.

- Regarding the check-out procedure, please visit the each information desk or security office at your dormitory.(If you got bedding things from us, please return it to the security officer)

- Residence Assistants will check all rooms and if you don't move out from the dorm with all stuffs before 12pm of the check-out date, you will get 15 penalty points (one-year prohibition of dorm admission) as the unpermitted occupation by the dorm regulation.

■ New room assignment students are allowed to move from 15:00.

■ If you received bedding stuff from the dormitory, you should bring all to the new dormitory.

◆ The Check-out Procedure
1. Submitting Check-out list :[C/E/G/I/K/M-House]
GLS → Application/Graduation Requirements Management → Dormitory → Check-out list
2. If any facilities has problem(ex.drain in the shower room), you should request facility repair on the dormitory website(Quick Menu->“REPAIR” ).
3. If your room's not clean or there is any loss/ damage of equipments and facilities, you will get penalty points and there will be deposit deduction by the dorm regulation.
4. After cleaning your room, please take out all your stuff, turn off the light, close the window, turn off the switches, and finally lock the door.
5. Visit Security Office → Sign in a paper (The regular check-out must be completed until noon.)

※ Check-out List Submission Period: Fri. June 2nd, 2023 ~ Mon. June 12th, 2023

※ If your stuff is left in the dorm longer than 7 days, it will be thrown away and
the dormitory doesn't have any responsibility for any damage or loss of your stuff

◆ Matters to be considered
- Deduction amount 
  Unclean room : 10,000 KRW will be deducted from the deposit and 4 penalty points (by Article No. 33)
- If your room isn't changed, the check-out procedure is unnecessary.
  However, you should submit the check-in & out list. 

- Please check your drawers and closets carefully before moving out in case your stuff
can be left in the dorm

◆ The Check-out Standard
- The room must be empty.
- Returned key and key tag if you have used it.
In addition, you should submit the check-out list and sign in the related document. 

- Please refer to some examples of unclean rooms which we had found it by room inspection.

◆ Examples of unclean room and deposit deduction
(The photos below are just for reference) 
1. In case of leaving dust, waste, and other belongings in the desk, closet, etc. 

2. In case of leaving garbage without throwing away trash in the transh bin or toilet bin in your room.

3. In case of leaving dust, hair, footprint, beverage spilt, etc. on the room floor.

4. In case of having stains on a toilet and a sink. (including the red or black strip-shaped contamination.)

5. In case of leaving hair and waste, etc. on a drain in the shower room.

◆ Cases of deposit deduction or extra money charge due to damage or lost  in facilities and items
1. Stains left on the bed mattress and they're not reported on the check-in list
2. Damage or loss of facilities, such as drawers of the closet or desk 
3. If internet router, air-conditioner, waterproofing mat for female students, or etc is different from the previous check-in list.
4. Even though item/facility is broken/damaged, you haven't requested for the facility repair.

◆ Rent a Cart (C/E/G/I/K/M-House)

How to rent: Leave your cellphone at the security office and you should put it back in 15 min.


◆ Parking

- C/E/G/I/K/M-House parking lot is available

명륜학사 | 공지사항 게시판의 이전글 다음글
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